Tony Porter Testimonials



"It is important that we work to break down the stereotypes that define manhood in today’s society. While all men are not perpetrators of domestic violence, it does clearly exist and it’s important to learn how sexism, male dominance and male privilege lay the foundation for all forms of violence against women. Tony does a great job of addressing the role that "well-meaning men" can play by getting out of their socially defined roles and taking a stance to reduce abusive and violent behavior toward women. He has the ability to engage players to be more accountable and become part of the solution instead of part of the problem."

Christopher L. Henry

Director, NFL Player Development

National Football League

"Tony provided West Point Cadets (the entire freshman class of 1000+), a very insightful and energized overview of all of our responsibilities in being part of the solution as we deal with each other - both men and women. He accentuated the importance of all of us to take a proactive and positive role in stamping out sexual harassment or assault. Needless to say, Tony communicated that "well-meaning men" sometimes feel pressured to stay in the "man-box" and offered us encouragement to "get out of there" and be the RIGHT role model for so many men and boys as well. The Cadets gave Tony a well-deserved standing ovation. Tony, thanks for a candid and honest dialogue that emphasized the positive aspects of MEN and WOMEN on the TEAM together! Future Leaders in the Corps and in Tomorrow's Army salute you! Thanks for making a difference. one presentation at a time! We have already scheduled Tony to come back to West Point for several future events."

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Jones

Values Education Officer

United States Military Academy

West Point, New York

“Ted Bunch and Tony Porter shared their expertise in riveting testimony about men’s responsibility for ending violence against women, and they challenged well-meaning men to become part of the solution. The men spoke of their own journeys in understanding that domestic violence is a civil rights issue.” 

"Tony Porter and Ted Bunch are models for how men can work under the leadership of women to meet those challenges. The workshops and conferences organized by A CALL TO MEN offer analysis and strategies for action, and more importantly, hope for how to move forward." 


Robert Jensen, Ph.D.

University of Texas at Austin

My Sister's Place