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Terri Matthews is a faith-made entrepreneur, thought leader, author, autism advocate and TV host of an AU-Some show called On the Spectrum, which covers All Things Autism!
As a business woman, Terri has established thriving organizations in the following industries: clothing, construction, healthcare, environmental, hospitality, technology and consulting. She prides herself in building brands rooted in consciousness, community and empowerment.
Beyond success in the corporate and entrepreneurial space, Terri’s passion is ignited most when helping others overcome obstacles in life and achieving their dreams through her Next Level Vision Series Platform. She motivates and educates from experience, using her own background and early challenges to bridge the gap between struggle and success. She has delivered keynotes to audiences from 300 to over 30,000 globally through panels, faith-based conferences, seminars, educational organizations, corporate gatherings and much more.
Terri’s greatest inspiration comes from her children. Her son, Jaden, now 11 years old was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. She dedicated tremendous amounts of time and money to ensure Jaden received the most advanced therapies available and founded Jaden’s Voice Inc. in 2010 to advocate and provide options to those with limited resources.
To further her mission for autism, Terri launched her show, “On the Spectrum,” www.onthespectrum.tv, where she marries her congenial personality, entrepreneurial acumen and autism advocacy experience to offer support and promote autism awareness.  This fun and exciting show offers a refreshing perspective and offers valuable resources to help the world understand and navigate the spectrum of autism. She likes to call it, “Prescription TV!”
If you walked a mile in Terri’s shoes, her journey would leave these words of reflection:
“Coming from modest beginnings, I am certainly no stranger to adversity; yet, I am a firm believer that God shines through the cracks of broken people to illuminate hope and light to the world. So never give up on yourself… There is purpose in your pain.  


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