Ted Bunch Testimonials

"Ted Bunch's presentation at United Nations Headquarters on the role of men and boys in discrimination against girls, was extremely well received by the audience of over 100 representatives of NGOs and UN agencies. This Roundtable was in preparation for the 51st session of The Commission on the Status of Women which is focusing on discrimination and violence against the girl child. Ted was able to show how boys are socialized within their families to consider themselves as superior to girls and automatically deserving of special rights. His goals in working with men and boys is to help them develop insight into their own behavior and its negative impact on the human rights of girls. Ted Bunch is an effective speaker and relates easily to the needs of his audience. He was surrounded after his talk by scores of people wanting to hear more." 

"Tony Porter and Ted Bunch are models for how men can work under the leadership of women to meet those challenges. The workshops and conferences organized by A CALL TO MEN offer analysis and strategies for action, and more importantly, hope for how to move forward." 


Robert Jensen, Ph.D.-University of Texas at Austin

Deanna Chitayat, Ph.D

APA NGO Representative Dean (retired)

University College Hofstra University