Tanya Brown Testimonials

“As a professor in the Master’s Program, I taught a class on Domestic Violence and invited Tanya as a guest speaker. The class said that Tanya’s talk was the best thing about the class aside from the role plays. She has a great presence that is non-threatening and energetic at the same time. She is very knowledgeable on the topic and taught the class a lot. The class came away with the idea that intimate partner abuse can happen to anyone and that it is important to make your own emotional and physical safety a priority.”

Julie Olson, Ph.D.

Argosy University, Masters of Psychology Program



“Tanya Brown is a powerful Life Strategist, Speaker and Author who is committed to the ultimate success of her clients. Tanya is willing to walk closely with her clients, to show them that they are not alone and then to powerfully guide them where they want to go. Overcoming many life challenges, Tanya is uniquely qualified to help others not only survive—but thrive!”

Ursula Mentjes

Bestselling Author of Selling with Intention and Founder of Sales Coach Now



“Tanya has helped me reorganize my perception of experience with my wife losing her memory. I no longer despair over what has been lost, but rather anticipate, with eagerness and hope, what can yet be. Tanya has shown me that if I am always looking at the past, I turn my back on the future. Hence, I was blind to change. Hope rather than depression, now guides me. Her wisdom, and her warmth have forever altered me.”

“I am very proud of the excellent work that you are doing in your community. With your commitment to domestic violence research and assistance, significant progress has been achieved. Thanks to you, victims of domestic violence have more options and safe havens to turn to in times of need.”


Loretta Sanchez

Member of Congress

David Schnur

Newport Beach

“Real, Passionate, Dedicated and Tuned In, Tanya is a dedicated professional that has made a huge difference in the lives of many.  For real answers, real results and the best in the industry, Tanya is the one to work with. Her hard hitting presentations have always been a favorite at the San Diego Women’s Week conference year after year and she is only one of three speakers that have been asked back each year.”

Debra Rosen


"Tanya Brown was a speaker for Suncoast Mental Health Center in 2 different venues, as well as meeting with our professional mental health staff to discuss receiving mental health services, as viewed by a consumer.  We found Tanya to be warm, caring, professional, energetic, flexible, and willing to do whatever we asked to make our events as great as possible.  Every one that met Tanya, from Board Members, staff, volunteers, and the public all came away feeling valued from her ever-present smile, caring and warm disposition, and professionalism. I would highly recommend Tanya Brown to any organization or group that desires to create awareness and education, and/or to promote mental health and reduce stigma. Tanya is a phenomenal speaker and wonderful human being."

Art Ciasca


Suncoast Mental Health Center, Florida