Susie Kroll

Susie Kroll is passionate about the prevention, advocacy, treatment, and mental healthcare aspects of Domestic Violence, Teen Dating Violence, Sexual Assault, Child Sexual Abuse, and Bullying.  She has been educating, speaking, and teaching in this field for almost 10 years.  She got her start volunteering at her local domestic violence agency and confidential shelter, working at her local ERs doing advocacy work for victims of sexual assault and child sexual abuse and working at the 24 Hour Support Hotline.  In addition to this work, Susie began speaking about prevention and educating about domestic violence and teen dating violence to area junior high and high schools, and community organizations.


To better serve the victims, survivors, and children of Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence Susie graduated with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with an extra emphasis on Children, Families & Couples Counseling.  To meet her degree requirements Susie was not only required to take a variety of classes but to also participate in clinical internships.  Susie completed one clinical internship with the largest community mental health agency in King County, Washington.  At this agency, she provided mental health care and therapy for clients suffering with Bi-Polar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Childhood sexual abuse, ADHD, and other mental health diagnoses.  Additionally, she was part of this agency’s team that worked directly with the children of survivors of Domestic Violence.  Strict standards of ethical care, client safety, and confidentially were always maintained with providing the survivor with the necessary coping skills and therapies to make their own empowered choices.    


Susie completed her hours for her second clinical internship with another community mental health agency that serves King County.  Specifically, she worked with adults and children with various diagnoses/issues including but not limited to Bi-Polar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Paranoid Personality Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Hallucinations, LGBTQHI concerns, other behavioral issues, military veteran concerns, suicidality, sexual assault, and eating disorders.    

Susie believes that the best way to end Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence is with a combination of prevention, education, intervention, and the empowerment of victims and survivors to make their own positive choices.  This agency and their Model of Care exemplified the most well-rounded recovery for their clients.  Susie was happy to accept a position with them as a Mental Healthcare Clinician and Therapist specializing in trauma recovery for children, adults, families, and couples.


Susie's father is a retired NCIS special agent and her mother is a retired accountant.  She grew up in a household learning a healthy respect for the law and what is right and wrong.  With a strong drive to educate and help people, Susie embarked on her path to becoming a Licensed Mental Health Therapist.  She has spoken to a myriad of audiences on varying topics related and unrelated to Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence.  When Susie is not working with her clients, she spends her time speaking to high school and junior high school students, community groups, graduate students, and various agencies about Domestic Violence and Teen Dating Violence.


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