Stephanie Thomas

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Born a congenital amputee missing digits, Los Angeles-based Stephanie Thomas is the Founder of Cur8able, Disability Fashion Consultancy, and the creator of the award-winning 


Stephanie has an M.A.C. in Communication and an M.A. in Fashion Journalism and lectures in fashion marketing and media studies. She is also the author and editor of Fitting In: An Anthology of the Social Implications of Fashion and Ableism, coming  In addition to almost three decades of following clothing and retail trends for the disabled community, Stephanie is an award-winning SAG AFTRA voice actor, who serves on the unions Persons with Disabilities Committee. 

“I didn’t always know what I was doing, but I always knew why.” 


“Today there are more clothing options designed specifically for pets than there are for people with disabilities. So, I use my 

DISABILITY FASHION STYLING SYSTEM: ACCESSIBLE, SMART, FASHIONABLE® to bridge the gap between where the fashion industry is and where it must inevitably go to be more inclusive.”


“The design process should begin with considering disability, doing this creates opportunities for innovation.” 


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"I just have to say Stephanie Thomas is amazing, I had a commercial to do and was asked to provide my own clothes for styling so I asked Stephanie for some help. She met me at the mall and we got right to work. I get frustrated when it comes to shopping because the things I like never fit me correctly due to being in a wheelchair, she showed me what colors look best for my skin tone and what type of items to pick so my hips don't look so wide while I'm seated. She also showed me what I needed to do to get a better looking waist which that is hard some times for someone with a seated body type. She made me feel a lot better about shopping for myself and now I know what to look for. I'm so glad someone like her exist so we in the differently abled community have someone to consult when it comes to styling us because we have swag and want to express ourselves as well!! Thank you again Stephanie you rock!!!"

-Tatiana L. Actor/Lifestyle Blogger

"From the way Stephanie Thomas approached us, my team andI could tell straight away that she’s a highly trained andexperienced fashion stylist. Stephanie’s a definite professional, knows her stuff and asks all the right questions. I was immediately struck by her passion for promoting adaptive fashion for people with disabilities and her efforts to enlarge the diversity of the fashion industry with the aim of making adaptive fashion a standard aspect of it. Stephanie’s enthusiasm for our own label is heartening and has invigorated and stimulated us. We’re really impressed with what she did for us. With great energy she arranged a podcast interview, promoted our label on the Styleogue channel in Francis Maxwell’s show and produced the splendid ‘Lookbook Californian Lovin’especially for Chairmelotte. Add to this that Stephanie’s always optimistic and warm-hearted and has endurance. And achieves beautiful results. No wonder we recommendher heartily!"

-Christa de Wit and the Chairmelotte-team Chairmelotte Designs

"I decided to contact Stephanie and see if she could help me find the perfect outfit for my friends wedding that was quickly approaching. I was feeling overwhelmed with my busy schedule of training and work and knew I wouldn’t have time to go shopping myself. I had met Stephanie previously and was impressed with her level of professionalism and her ability to create beautiful images through fashion for people with disabilities. Stephanie and I were able to discuss my needs, my body type, and the occasion. She sent me photos of clothes she found and really worked around my schedule.  It couldn’t have been an easier process.  In the end, Stephanie found me a beautiful outfit to wear to the wedding, and one that I can also wear to other events afterwards as well."

-Alanna Flax-Clark Para-Equestrian & Actress

"Stephanie is AMAZING!!!! I am just repeating what others say who worked with her. She hired me last month to direct her documentary for the Special Olympics 25th Anniversary and it was an honor to experience her commitment to excellence up close and personal."

-Quincy Samuel Smith, CEO of Unique Xposure Films


"I thought that your TED talk was inspiring but also very informational. I felt like a lot of people who had previously not considered all the challenges faced by people with a disability when it comes to personal appearance would definitely think differently after hearing your talk. Including the fashion show at the end was super inspiring. We need more public moments like this to foster inclusive thinking around the world. Thank you for doing this!"

-Katherine Annett-Hitchcock, Ph.D., Associate Professor Textile and Apparel Technology and Management


"Stephanie is very passionate and driven. I had the opportunity to work with Ms. Thomas at Cur8able, where she proved that dedication drives results. I was also fortunate enough to have her as a teacher and a mentor in college. There she didn\'t only push me to better myself, but she also helped me gain the knowledge that I needed to enter the workforce." 

-Estefani Cuevas, Marketing & Freelance Branding Professional

"I am a huge fan of Stephanie and her work. She is a passionate advocate and brings her lived experience to lend credibility and fuel her creativity in crafting custom fit chic expressions. So whether Stephanie is styling for a photo shoot or hosting podcast you I\'ll be in great hands with her smooth at-home demeanor and sense of professionalism. You are sure to leave well-suited and with a higher sense of self-esteem."

-Heather Watkins, Disability Advocate /Author

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