Stephanie Angelo Testimonials

“Stephanie is a dynamic and engaging speaker.  She not only has a tremendous grasp of the subject matter, but delivers this very difficult information with great sensitivity and passion. Stephanie is able to balance her personal and professional experiences with the needs and perspectives of her target audience.  Her presentation was current and very professional.”

Craig Mills, MC, CEAP


Central Arizona EAPA Chapter


“Stephanie impressed us with her global and German research findings–sometimes even in German–and delivered a captivating, educational, and lasting message. Before the presentation, some of us thought: "Luckily, domestic violence does not affect meor my business," or "I know a victim but don't know what to do."  After the presentation, some realized that they had not been lucky but blind–blind for decades. Some had also been blind to the silent monetary loss of domestic violence. Stephanie showed us easy but effective ways to help, called us to action, and followed up to make a lasting improvement.”

Nicolaus A. Susta


AGBC Stuttgart e.V.


“Thank you for the assistance you’ve given SCF in our anti-domestic violence initiative. I’m pleased we found a subject matter expert who specifically addresses the complex dynamics of DV in the workplace from the management and human resource perspective.”

Bobbie J. Fox, Esq.

Attorney, Legal Compliance and Risk Management, CopperPoint Mutual Insurance

“I placed Stephanie in contact with one of my clients to provide DV counseling in a thorny situation involving an employee. The result was a win on all fronts: employee, co-workers, employer and me. In fact, one could argue the Workplace as a whole benefited from a demonstration that targeted assistance can generate significant breakthroughs, especially in DV cases. I am pleased about the outcome and will certainly use Stephanie should a similar situation arise for another client.”


Laurent Badoux

Attorney at Law, Greenberg Traurig, LL