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Stacy Dittrich is an award-winning 20-year law enforcement officer, author, media consultant, and detective specializing in sex crimes. Currently a deputy sheriff with the Richland County Sheriff’s Office in Mansfield, Ohio, Stacy is also a member of the Tri-County Violent Task Force in cooperation with the ATF, US Marshall’s Office, Homeland Security, and ICE. With past training by a former FBI Behavioral Specialist, Stacy is also certified through the National Institute of Truth Verification as an examiner (CVSA- lie detector). Throughout her career, Stacy has also been assigned to a federal drug task force and has been involved in the investigations of numerous homicides. In 2002, she received the Victim’s of Crime Award from former Ohio Attorney General, Jim Petro. In 2009, she was honored with a commendation by the Ohio House of Representatives for personal and professional achievements. A certified law enforcement instructor, Stacy has instructed on topics ranging from sexual assaults to “stranger dangers.”


Growing up in a family stocked with police officers created a unique upbringing for Stacy. Her father and three uncles began their career as police officers in 1969 after they returned from Vietnam. She saw firsthand the dangers of the job in 1979 when her uncle, James, was shot in the line of duty. Although he survived, he ultimately had to go out on disability. However, the other three brothers remain officers now and have an incredible 120-years combined experience. Fascinated with law enforcement at an early age, Stacy frequently accompanied her father to work, and began investigating her own “crimes” at age 8, after reading the story of serial killer Ted Bundy. With a hand-me-down kit of fingerprint powder, microscope, and handcuffs, she scoured the neighborhoods in search of the ultimate crime scene, often performing crude autopsies on unsuspecting insects.  By the time she graduated high school, Stacy had been on the scene of more “real” crimes than most police rookies, spending her weekends taking part in a ride-along program with her father. Stacy graduated the police academy as class president, at the top of her class. In 1997, the Mansfield News Journal did a 2-page feature story on Stacy and her father, “Like Father, Like Daughter: The Beat Goes On.”


Stacy is the author of the CeeCee Gallagher thriller series about a female detective. She and her first novel in the series, “The Devil’s Closet”, were featured on CNN and Fox. Based on an actual case Stacy investigated, the novel debuted in October, 2008, followed by four other books in the series. Stacy’s first true-crime book, “Murder Behind the Badge: True Stories of Cops Who Kill,” debuted in September, 2009 (Prometheus, Hardcover), receiving rave reviews:


"As a crime victim myself who went on to become a felony prosecutor, police have been a constant in my life for many, many years. They are some of the most honorable people I have ever known. Dittrich exposes the dichotomy between police who fight crime every day vs. those who have become criminals themselves... a real mind-twister!" --Nancy Grace, HLN Host of "Nancy Grace"


"Murder Behind the Badge reveals the dark underbelly of the cop-shop, the evil that can lurk within. Some of these cases you may have heard about, many you have not. Now, learn the inside details of how a murderer gets a badge and is sometimes protected by fellow officers. Only another cop could walk the public through how a psycho gets on a police force in the first place. Only another cop could explain how the mindset of the thin blue line is sometimes so similar to the mindset of the truly disturbed. Author Stacy Dittrich is that cop. This is the book. In the realm of true crime this is a must-have!" --Diane Dimond, "Entertainment Tonight" Investigative Anchor/Journalist and Author of "Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case"


Stacy’s memoir about her life as a female police officer, Stumbling Along the Beat, debuted in Spring 2010 (Kaplan):


"Humorous and shocking, Stacy Dittrich's account of life as a female police officer and growing up in a law enforcement family will undoubtedly grab your attention. A fascinating read!" —Ray Liotta, award-winning actor and star of Goodfella’s


Stacy is a member of the International Thriller Writer’s Association, Sisters in Crime, the Author’s Guild, and is a regular contributor at Women in Crime Ink, a web blog compiled by an impressive group of award-winning true-crime authors, print and broadcast journalists, crime novelists, producers for CNN and CBS News, television personalities, and criminal justice professionals. Stacy was also a crime contributor for in 2011 and is currently under contract for a new reality show.


Stacy has appeared as a law enforcement commentator on Fox, “The O’Reilly Factor, CNN, Fox’s Geraldo at Large, The Nancy Grace Show, The Ricki Lake Show, Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell (HLN), E! True Hollywood in Crime, Italian La7 Network, HLN‘s Dr. Drew, and hundreds of radio stations nationwide. She has appeared in the pages of SELF magazine, Good Housekeeping, Women’s World magazine, Allure Magazine, The Boston Herald, The UK Observer, and The Miami Herald to name a few.


Stacy has given her expert and professional opinion on cases ranging from the Jon Benet Ramsey and Caylee Anthony case, to the Manson Family and Natalee Holloway. She has spoken on topics ranging from the American Mafia to Islamic honor killings, and just about everything in between.


Stacy Dittrich currently resides in Ohio with her husband, Rich—a police officer, and their two daughters.

Stacy Dittrich
Stacy Dittrich

Stacy Dittrich
Stacy Dittrich

Stacy Dittrich Books
Stacy Dittrich Books

Stacy Dittrich
Stacy Dittrich


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