Robin Sax Testimonials

"Thank you Robin for speaking at the Jewish Federation Valley Alliance Women's Department meeting yesterday. Really, you are AMAZING!!! Not only did we end wanting to hear more from you (the best kind of speaking engagement!!) but you also educated and elicited many important questions from the women -- and of course the "group therapy" aspect was so compelling. In addition to your wealth and breadth of knowledge, you are warm and personable. Your willingness to share your personal stories makes listening to you so wonderful. On behalf of all the committee members and from me personally, thank you again!"


Federation Valley Alliance 2010 Women's Department Campaign Chair

“Sax was able to the keep the class’ attention as well as provide great insight for the officers. She was a knowledgeable instructor. She has great real-life examples, scenarios, and cases. Every sex crime detective should take her class!!! Sax is very open-minded and honest lecturer. She was extremely informative and possibly the best class in all of the Major Assault Crimes course.”

Major Assault Crimes Detective Attendees at MAC Investigations Course


“Thanks for giving such an valuable and informative kid safety presentation at Kehillat Israel on April 19. You have such a honest, humorous style that makes it such a pleasure to listen to you. We feel so honored that you could be there. I look forward to crossing paths with you again."

Lauren Fite



“I was impressed with Robin’s material and her information. Everything met and exceeded my expectations. It was truly fantastic.“

Prosecutor Attendee

CDAA Domestic Violence & Stalking Symposium

"On behalf of Children's Bureau, I want to thank you so much for taking the time to be the speaker of our Third Leadership Event at the Magnolia Place Center. Your information was most interesting and valuable, and it allowed us to empower ourselves to take advantage of the tools that technology allow us, and be a part of the works our kids are inevitably living in. We hope we see more of you at Children's Bureau, not only as a speaker but as a friend of the organization. Congratulations on all your success, and again thank you so much!"

Ana Valdez

President and Co-Founder, Valdez Consulting Group, Inc.