Richard Paul

Professional award winning keynote speaker, author and certified trainer Richard Paul is internationally known as a leading authority on motivating individuals to include laughter and positive thinking as part of their daily wellness program.


Richard is dedicated to sharing innovative and effective ideas that stimulate a positive thought process and promotes laughter as a significant ingredient to good health and wellness including stress reduction. He has impacted the lives of over 100,000 people from around the world through his motivational keynote speeches on rethinking the mind, stress reduction and humor wellness programs, conflict resolution and tolerance programs.

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As a motivational keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator Richard continues to receive high marks on his improvisational humor, hilarious motivational delivery style and his valuable positive life changing principles and stress/fear reduction techniques. His motivational stories, humorous site gags, fun interaction and outrageous audience participation offer many different opportunities for participants to share, learn and better understand how to harness the power of positive thinking as part of their health and wellness criteria at home, work and everyday life.


Richards humorous candid practical approach and wealth of mind changing, life challenging, valuable personal motivational strategies have inspired and transformed people’s lives making him one of the most sought after professional opening and or closing keynote speaker.


Richard's clients range from health and fitness such as Michigan Community Public Health Agency, to health insurances organizations such as MESSA to health care providers such as St. Joseph's Mercy Hospital to corporate events 7-11 Food Stores, Farmers Insurance, Webasto Thermosystems, to national and local associations, Federal Executive Association, Employers Association of West Michigan, Toledo Area Human Resources Association, educational institutions such as Michigan Federated Chapters of the Council for Exceptional Children, Michigan State University Extension, Michigan PTA, and government agencies such as Michigan State Police and the Michigan Family Independence Agency.



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