• Denise Brown

Kevin Hines to Speak at Folsom Cordova Unified School District

Nationally recognized speaker and mental health activist, Kevin Hines is scheduled to speak with Folsom Cordova Unified School District's middle and high school students on October 17, 2016.

Kevin Hines is known for his September 2000 suicide attempt in which he leapt off the Golden Gate Bridge, a method of suicide attempt that has resulted in death for most of the 2000 people who have made that jump since the bridge was erected in 1937.

But Kevin survived. He survived, and in the 16 years since his nearly fatal try, Kevin has become the bridge between the many mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, children, spouses, friends and loved ones who have made similar acts.

Even further, Hines, in sharing his story, is fostering a critical bridge of hope between life and death for people caught in the pain of living with serious mental illness, difficult life circumstances, and more.

Read more about Kevin's story here.

Kevin's story is a powerful one. He will be reaching out to students at FCUSD to relay a message of hope and healing for those suffering, often silently, from mental illness and depression as well as provide hope and empowerment to those dealing with physical disabilities. Kevin also suffered permanent physical injury from the jump.

According to Centers for Disease Control, in 2015, suicide was the third leading cause of death among persons aged 10-14 and the second among persons aged 15-34 years.