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Tony Porter speaks to Penn State fraternity members and male athletes about healthy manhood

Tony Porter spoke to several departments at Penn State University over the past week, with his last presentation scheduled this evening.

On Monday, he spoke to fraternity members and male athletes:

THE DAILY COLLEGIAN 8/24/15: “The responses I get from men when I ask that question usually speak to the areas that we as men know we could be doing better,” Porter said. “It puts us in conflict, because how many of us, right now, as we live and as we act and as we behave, would want our daughters to date us?”

Porter described the “man box” as a box holding what men know to be common traits of other men, and established the traits outside of the man box were usually associated with weakness or women.

When it comes to women, Porter said men are taught to believe the only area of interest men can have in women is sexual.

“If you take the average 18 year-old good girl, and the average 18 year-old good boy, and you take sexual conquest off the table, far too often his interest in her plummets,” Porter said. “And I taught him that.”

He then referenced the difference between good men and those who are violent against women, saying this lesson instilled in young men creates a problem by allowing those men to be who they are in the presence of good men.

Porter concluded by saying the men in the room are in the position to change the conversation about manhood and masculinity as it relates to violence against women.

“My generation hasn’t poured enough in you, but you can pour enough into the next generation,” Porter said.

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