• Denise Brown

Susan Still to Speak at Wyoming County District Attorney's Office Training Event

Susan Still speaks on behalf of those whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence. She is a survivor of 24 years of abuse by her former husband. Their case is unique, as in December 2004 Justice John F. O’Donnell handed Ulner Still a 36 year sentence, landmark for New York State, as the longest sentence given for the crime of domestic violence where the victim survived. Instrumental in the conviction was a videotape he had one of their children film while he was abusing her.

Next month, Ms. Still is scheduled to speak at a training event for the Wyoming County District Attorney's Office in New York. This event is designed to help law enforcement better understand the thought processes of victims who have suffered trauma so that they may conduct more meaningful interviews with the victims, and have a better understanding of what their needs are. Ms. Still will also address the affect domestic violence has on children. Social workers from Wyoming County CPS will also be attending the event.

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