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Teach Your College Students Self-Defense Techniques So Simple Even a Child Can Do Them


April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and statistics on the number of college students who report having experienced sexual assault is staggering and disturbing. One incident of sexual assault is too many and research suggests that approximately one in five college students experience sexual assault. Though the numbers vary year to year, campus to campus, they are consistently high enough to make a parent think again about enrolling their daughter or son into a school that does not appear to provide adequate protection for its students.

Realistically, most of us understand that campus security cannot be everywhere, all of the time. That means that awareness and education have to lead the way in keeping students safe. Never walk alone, don't leave drinks unattended, stay in well lit areas... all of this information is extremely important, including warning signs of potentially abusive/violent relationships.

Tracy and Charley Vega offer another type of education that takes it one step further. Simple Self-Defense. So simple as a matter of fact, you can teach it to a child. You may ask, if it's so simple--how effective is it?

Well, let's find out.

Charley & Tracy Vega are the co-founders of Simple Self Defense for Women® an award winning company that promotes the personal safety of women through their PBS TV Show, Guest Speaking, DVD’s, and their popular Seminars, Workshops & Professional speaking engagements. They specialize in self-defense for women from ages 9 to 91 with a focus on How to Simply Escape an Attack, NOT Stay and Fight!

Prevention is always the best route, however it lends little help when in the midst of an assault. Teaching your students how to escape an attacker could save lives, reduce the number of assaults and help create a safer environment for students.

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