Keynote speaker to numerous organizations including Fortune 500 companies and the NFL, Pete Koch is a former NFL defensive lineman with extensive training in strength development, general fitness, weight loss, life extension and holistic wellness.

Pete is a Keynote Speaker who speaks to Corporations, the NFL, Associations, Government Agencies, Not For Profits, Sports Teams, Educators, and to our Military on Motivational Leadership, Team Building, Story-Selling and Safety, customizing his message to your purpose, including:

Championship Team Development: Pete was the Captain of his Championship High School team, his Maryland Championship team and a leader on his Kansas City Chiefs playoff team. Teamwork and leadership must be rooted in positive psychology and reinforced consistently to develop true Champions.

The Keys to Achieving Exceptional Health, Fitness and Wellness: Having worked for more than a decade with world renowned ‘non-surgical’ weight loss doctor Robert “Dr H” Huizenga MD (Biggest Loser, Raiders) Pete has established himself as a leader in fitness program design and wellness programing in a clinical setting. His presentation is entertaining, fact based and motivational.

Pete developed his FAST Fitness principles to help people optimize their bodies, inside and out. This combined with his Four Quarters of Personal Excellence allow the audience to experience what it takes to live a live of personal excellence.

Born on Long Island, NY Pete began playing contact football at the age of seven and didn’t stop for twenty years. Along the way he captained his winning New Hyde Park High School team, then his University of Maryland team to the  ACC Championship and appearance in the prestigious Citrus Bowl. Pete received All ACC and All-American Honorable Mention honors. Pete was a First Round selection (sixteenth overall) in the 1984 NFL Draft; selected by the Cincinnati Bengals.  Pete spent four years with the Kansas City Chiefs, notably starting at right defensive end in their playoff run of 1986.  Pete wrapped up his six-year NFL run with the Los Angeles Raiders teaming with future Hall of Famers Howie Long, Marcus Allen and Mike Haines.

Upon retirement from the NFL, Pete transitioned into a successful fitness modeling and acting career starring along side Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge, Burt Reynolds in Heat and Evening Shade, Patrick Dempsey in Loverboy and others totaling more than 120 Hollywood productions.

Throughout the years, Pete has remained deeply committed to maintaining his strength, flexibility, conditioning and overall health through regular workouts. A natural curiosity and commitment to ongoing education, drives Pete’s continuous research in  the field of Athlete Performance. Self preservation factors into the zeal Pete brings to his studies and training, initiated by five orthopedic surgeries (due to 20 years of contact football).  Pete’s early exposure and relationships with internationally renown strength and conditioning experts Dr. Fred Hatfield and Frank Costello motivated him to continue his exploration of cutting edge training methods and techniques. He successfully rehabilitated from two spine surgeries, which helped him to solidify his ideas on the importance of spinal stability/core conditioning.

In 2004 Pete Developed a system of training that he calls Functional Advanced Sports Training or FAST, a melding of numerous scientifically proven training methodologies to optimize neuromuscular control and maximize athletic performance.  Pete was then called on to direct the training of a number of Hollywood luminaries including Tobey Maguire, Joseph Fiennes and Academy Award winner Benicio Del Toro.  Currently certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Sports Fitness Specialist and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach by the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

His FAST Company trains people of all ages and levels of physical condition to help them achieve their fitness and conditioning goals. A University of Maryland graduate, Pete remains committed to ongoing education and research in a life long commitment to maximizing human performance and health in people of all ages.

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