Patricia Wenskunas Testimonials

"Patricia is a true professional committed to advocating for the victims of crime. She demonstrates a passion to this purpose that is commendable, and makes her stand out as an example for others to follow.“

Paul M Walters

Chief of Police Santa Ana Police Department




"Once in a very long while, someone appears that can truly benefit you, your employees and your organization. Patricia Wenskunas is that someone. A dynamic and entertaining speaker who enlightens her audiences on the topics of leadership, emotional intelligence, wellness, and body/mind healing, Patricia's compelling personal story and engaging style lowers defenses and allows her to fearlessly direct thinking to an intimate personal level where few of us ever go."

Michael Paul Thomas

Attorney at Law

"Until I learned what Patricia was doing for the Crime Survivors, I did not realize how important the issue was, i.e., the protection of rights of the crime victims. It is a true honor for me to serve as an Honorary Advisory Board Member, and thank you, Patricia, for the opportunity to work with you for the good cause for the community."

Steven S. Choi, Ph.D.

Irvine City Councilmember



"Anyone looking for a great speaker on an important topic should contact Patricia. I’ve heard her speak several times. Her personal story and passion for crime victims is profound. Her presentation will go a long way toward raising awareness, prevention and survival of crime.”

Meg Waters




"Patricia -- Just wanted to let you know that today my Women Studies class had VERY positive feedback of your presentation on Friday. We briefly talked about the last few guest presentations and everyone said that yours was the most memorable. My teacher was so impressed with your presentation that she told me she will be giving your info to the administration sometime this week in hopes of an assembly. Just thought you would want to know that everyone thought you were an amazing person with a great story of courage and strength. By the way, I also got 100% on this project, so THANK YOU!"