Pat Brown Testimonials

"Pat Brown takes us into the very minds of coldblooded killers. Most people can't comprehend the 'why' behind murder. Pat, utilizing her background as one of the country's leading criminal profilers, coaches the reader as to how a killer thinks, reacts, and kills! Incredible!"

Nancy Grace

Host of Nancy Grace on HLN and best-selling author of The Eleventh Victim




"Anyone who has ever had a passion burning inside them to make a difference should read this book. Pat takes her life experience and brings it to the forefront to make a difference in the lives of crime victims and their families. Her insight into these cases takes profiling of criminals to a whole new level. From her work and wisdom comes the hope we all need to end the viciousness of killers who prey on the innocent."

Derek VanLuchene

President and Founder of Ryan United

"In The Profiler, Pat Brown finally explains the sometimes spooky world of criminal profiling in a way that even an old-school, ex-flatfoot cop like me can understand. This book is a great insight into the mind of a serial killer hunter."

Chuck Hustmyre

Retired ATF Agent and author of the true crime books Killer with a Badge and An Act of Kindness


"I've been in law enforcement for almost 18 years now, and after reading The Profiler, I realize how little I understood the mind of the criminal. Pat Brown exposes the methods and the means, the hows and the whys, and exactly what it is that makes a criminal tick - fascinating!"

Stacy Dittrich

Author of Murder Behind the Badge: True Stories of Cops Who Kill, Speaker, Veteran Police Officer, and Law Enforcement Media Consultant