Pamela Harding

Domestic Violence Goes to Work


Pamela Harding is a domestic violence and stalking survivor, professional public speaker, law enforcement consultant, and author of a forthcoming account of the impact of domestic violence on the lives and professional livelihood of women in the Pacific Northwest.


Public Speaking:


Pamela has spent the last several years lecturing on domestic violence issues to regional business audiences.


Featured presenter on multiple occasions for a police and court-mandated programs for Domestic Violence perpetrators.


Keynote speaker addressing some 400 attendees at the annual fundraiser for the Domestic Violence Services of Snohomish County in Western Washington.


Keynote speaker at the Seattle Police Department's October DV Awareness Meeting. 


Co-keynoter along with Washington State’s Attorney General at a DV fundraiser.




Pamela has consulted for nearly 20 years with University's, law enforcement, and the judiciary, mental health and medical communities in Oregon Pierce, King and Snohomish counties in western Washington State.


Because of her activism concerning domestic violence issues, Pamela has been invited to consult with the Seattle City Attorney’s office and Washington state legislators.

Recently developed domestic violence safety training for women in the corporate world, (working title: When Personal Issues Invade Your Professional Life).


She has consulted with WA sate offices concerning safety in the workplace and how to protect both the employee and her co-workers when domestic violence is brought to work by an ex-husband or boyfriend.

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