Olga Phoenix Testimonials



"Olga’s keynote presentation at the Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project 2015 Unveiling Ceremony revealed her deep empathy for individuals affected by traumatic loss. Her presentation—and her presence—reflected a generosity of spirit one rarely encounters in this line of work. Olga’s remarkable combination of knowledge and compassion was informative, encouraging and healing for our large audience; with our smaller group of victim advocates and other professionals, she was warm and unfailingly approachable. Everyone felt truly heard, understood, supported AND challenged. Olga’s visit has been a true gift to the NW Ohio community, and we are deeply grateful."


Dr. Mary Krueger

Women’s Center Director

Bowling Green State University


"Olga’s honesty, humility, humbleness, along with happiness and enthusiasm to share her knowledge are inspiring! She presented a simple practical plan of action in order to remain effective while helping others. As a result of this training I re-incorporated yoga and meditation in my wellness plan. I will invite Olga back to help our agency to develop an organization-wide wellness plan. Great work!”

"Olga has great positive energy and is free-spirited and informative! The discussion of research behind burnout and vicarious trauma really opened my eyes to necessity of self-care and sustainable wellness plan. I got tools now to stop, think, and create my vision board with my lifelong goals and aspirations. I will also allow me to be more loving, supportive, and encouraging towards myself, and stop being so hard on myself.”

"I enjoyed Olga’s training very much! Well organized, not academic, but fantastically practical! Olga gave a wide range of practical and fun activities to do and that can be done daily, in order to self-care. I learned to not work as much overtime. Make more time for my family. Appreciate my talents and gifts more. I would like all this information to be put on CD to take to my coworkers and family.”

"Olga was very open and honest, sharing her experiences about working in trauma field. As a result of this training I will be more self-aware, present, and self-compassionate while doing trauma work. Crisis survival tools were great for me as a survivor working in the field. I will take the tools from the training to my staff, so we all can implement a working, sustainable, and effective wellness plan. More trainings on wellness with Olga please! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HER!”