“Internationally renowned speaker and critically-acclaimed author Mike Domitrz provides specific how-to skills so each person at all levels of an organization can implement immediately for building a culture of respect. His preparation and mastery of the material has earned him the credibility and trust within Special Operations across the Department of Defense."

--Mike Kontio 

Former Joint Special Operations Command, US Army Master Sgt. (Ret OR-8)

Decades before sexual harassment cases were on the cover of every major media publication, Mike Domitrz was being brought in by leading educational institutions and the U.S. military to help them pursue a new standard of consent and respect. With Mike being the author of 3 books and an award-winning DVD, you get one of the world’s leading influencers and thought-leaders on the topic of respect.


You may have seen Mike on NBC Dateline as a featured subject matter expert or being quoted in international news publications such as the Wall Street Journal. He is continuously being sought out for his proven track record of helping people shift their paradigm on respect. In 2003,


Mike founded The Center for Respect which conducts trainings for tens of thousands each year. Today, organizations of all sizes are turning to Mike Domitrz to have him help them do what he has done for universities and the US Military: create a culture of respect throughout their organization. Mike’s extensive experience and incredible talent as a speaker enables him to connect with audiences of all ages in honest, unique conversations that are built on creating positive behavioral transformation for each individual and the organization as a whole. Imagine teaching 15-year-olds about “asking first” and then later that same day talking with CEOs about creating mutually amazing relationships in the workplace. You know Mike will be able to connect with each person in your audience. Help create a transformation throughout your organization by building a culture of respect with Mike Domitrz through The RESPECT Revolution keynote.

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“I am so profoundly thankful that I was afforded the opportunity to learn from and work with you and your team. You are the change we need in this world, in this society, in this culture. The work you do is unparalleled, honestly. "




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