Michael Solomon Testimonials

“Prof. Solomon…was able to make us think of new ways to use consumer behavior to frame our own activities…. He was able to inject humor to maintain attention yet did not deviate from the basic task at hand that was to educate and provoke thought.” 


David Friedman

V.P. Marketing, U.S. Cellular



“Michael’s session was our most popular segment of the day. He provided insight into the consumer of the future and how manufacturers and retailers need to think about adapting their marketing and go-to-market strategies to meet the changing consumer…. His presentation was engaging, relevant and thought-provoking.”

Margot V. Hoerner, Senior Human Resources Manager, Procter and Gamble 

Senior Human Resources Manager, Procter & Gamble



“…an enlightened resource on consumer motivations and shopping habits…. he brings forth new consumer insights that resonate with our diverse audience…. I highly recommend Mike Solomon as a speaker if you want your audience to be truly engaged as they learn about fresh, trend‐setting consumer insights that are impacting how marketers can use technology to better connect with today’s consumers.” 

“I hope you were able to see how many in the audience – and on the dais – were taking notes. We were extremely delighted with your presentation.” 

Kathleen Frederick

International Furnishings and Design Association

Libby S. Johnson

Market Engagement Manager, Microsoft Advertising 

“Michael was perfect for what we were looking for. He was a great mix of academia and practitioner. He was flexible onsite with timing issues and that was greatly appreciated. Many from the Audience gave great feedback and referenced thought provoking examples that they could use. Many would would recommend Michael to others.”  

Taylor Leaman Alas

The Frontier Project