Michael Licenblat

In the world of business, sales and education, no matter how confident, competent or experienced you are – pressure is a part of every process.  How well you handle those challenges, changes, and problems will often determine how successful you are going be.  

Michael Licenblat is a resilience expert who teaches people how to bounce back from challenges and setbacks – and perform better under pressure. 

Born into a family of entrepreneurial parents, Michael grew up working inside the numerous family businesses – from clothing stores, to supermarkets, and pizza restaurant.  Whilst other 10 year olds went to the football on Saturday, Michael grew up on the Queen Victoria market, helping his Dad unpack the truck, serve customers, and balance the till, and quickly learnt that success often came to those who could ride the bumps, get up, and keep going.

Michael went on to run his own businesses in natural health care.  He got started by going door to door and handing out flyers, which resulted in building one of the few successful full time Shiatsu health care practices in Victoria. 

Over the past 10 years, Michael has dedicated himself to teaching the principles of resilience to people in business and sales.  Drawing on his background in Psychology, Shiatsu therapy, and over 25 years of Martial Arts experience, Michael has helped countless companies become 'pressure proof' and learn how to bounce back from the setbacks and challenges so they can out perform their competition.

In Michael’s high energy, interactive and very practical presentations, he demystifies what people need to do to become resilient to pressure in today’s business world, and keep a clear head when dealing with difficult, demanding and stressful situations – without burning yourself out. 

In Michael's programs, attendees will learn:


  •  The 7 common pitfalls that stops professionals from being effective and productive

  •  How to get over setbacks and rejections quickly and turn them into opportunities

  •  How to stay proactive even when you are feeling flat and defeated. 

  •  Become emotionally immune to draining clients, customers and colleagues

  •  How to increase their working stamina when working for hours without a break

  •  How to maintain confidence, optimism and enthusiasm when faced with setbacks or challenges 

Michael is the author of the book ‘Pressure Proof – how to thrive in times of disruption, change and pressure’, his articles are regularly published in several journals, and has delivered presentations to organizations such as Toyota, REIV, Smartline Mortgage Group, MLC Insurance, St George, Coles Myer Ltd., Pitcher Partners, SEEK, Caterpillar, Maurice Blackburn, Maunsell, SalesForce, and Victorian Parliament.



"Michael is one of the top speakers in Australia. His presentations are high energy, high impact and enjoyable. As an event organiser I found Michael easy to deal with, organised, professional and considerate. I have no fear when putting him on to speak as I know the audience will be motivated, informed and entertained in the most professional way. Michael makes any event organiser look good!"  Michael's Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.
Kim McGuinness 
CEO - Network Central


"Michael - Thank you so so much for making yourself available to work with the ACEA.  The feedback from our members has been so great we are trying to set up a full day program with you! The professionalism of the course and content was phenomenal.  Much of the course content can be used in our daily interaction with clients giving us more confidence in dealing with difficult situations.  I look forward to working with you again."
Chris Black


"I can't recall a program where I have been approached by so many participants, telling me how much difference it has made to their lives.  Short, sharp and practical.  The follow up e-course was also very helpful."
Gillian Rosenkotter
Senior Human Resources Officer, City of Yarra


"Thank you once again for an outstanding presentation to 100 of our Association members.  Our members work in various positions in State Government schools, requiring leadership, teamwork and empathetic skills.  Your contribution to their needs was overwelming and heartily accepted by all in attendance.  We look forward to our members' online feedback, but their verbal feedback on friday makes us very comfortable in the knowledge that they left your sessions uplifted, challenged and encouraged. The ongoing assistance you have offered, via hardcopy, dvd and regular emails has assured us all of support and advice to hand, enabling us to lead fulfilling work and personal lives.  Very many thanks on behalf of all who attended.  Your presentation has proven to be an invaluable investment for SASSAOA."
Anne Stewart
SA State Schools Administrative Officers Assoc.

"Words cannot express my gratitude for the anti stress strategies you provided us in the workshop I attended last Friday.  I have been under constant stress from various sources for many years and suffer from lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, sinus, unable to switch off from work and I am a lifelong chronic migraine sufferer. Pain experienced daily ranged from moderate to severe.  After doing your exercises several times every day since Friday I have now had 4 days with little to no pain. It's helped me switch off from work, sleep better and, coupled with your other strategies, on Monday I calmly and assertively resolved the issues with my 'difficult' staff member. I have spent the last 25 yrs trying different practitioners (naturopath, Chinese massage, chiropractor (10yrs), physiotherapist (5yrs) etc)  and nothing worked. Your exercises and strategies worked. Now I call them ' 7 seconds to heaven'.  The exercises have already been implemented into the workplace by other attendees at your workshop."
Margaret, Team leader
Mental Health NGO, NSW

"Thank you very much for making yourself available to work with us in Bendigo.  The feedback from our staff has been extremely positive especially towards your clear and concise delivery and great communication skills.  Much of the course content can be used in our daily interaction with clients giving us more confidence in dealing with difficult situations.  I look forward to working with you again."
Andrew Cahill


"On behalf of VECCI I would like to thank you most sincerely for your involvement with our Metropolitan Briefings over the past three years.  Your presentations have always been well received and the feedback extremely positive.  I thought you would be interested in some of the comments attendees have written about your sessions on building resilience and work/life balance.

  •      'The training was excellent: wonderful content and solutions to put into practice'

  •      'Great!  Loved it!  Applies equally to my home life as well as work.  Has given me plenty to 

  •        think about and work on.' 

  •      'Thank you Michael, a subject close to my heart'

  •      'Michael was fantastic! Funny and interesting.  His examples were excellent.'

  •      'Anecdotes worked very well to link theories to real life situations.'

  •      'Great common sense session'

  •      'The presenter was very good and kept our attention'

Many thanks once again."
Lenore Bennett
Metropolitan Briefings Coordinator
Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry


"I am very happy, and I must say unsurprised, that all the feedback received from your recent seminar for the NIBA Young Professionals (National Insurance Brokers Association) has been very positive.  The Insurance Industry is certainly finding that we have much more pressure put on our day to day activities than every before, and the techniques and knowledge provided by you will no doubt be invaluable to the attendees.  I would like to thank you for your enthusiastic and interesting presentation and would have no hesitation recommending you to anyone working in a high pressure industry."
Kevin Baker
Account Executive - Enterprise
Aon Risk Services Australia Limited
Chairperson, NIBA Young Professionals

"Firstly, thank you for a most informative, thought provoking, and last but not least enjoyable training program last week. To be honest, from past experience I guess I was expecting another boring and clock watching session, but I was totally wrong in that assumption!  Your interaction with the participants, down to earth plain talking examples, explanations and discussions were very enlightening and very refreshing. The vibe that was in the office afterwards was also a good indicator that the staff has received benefits from your session."
Jeanette Love


"I want to thank you for presenting at our Staff Kick-Off Meeting in both Sydney and Melbourne.  I received some really great and positive feedback from employees from both meetings.  I also received several "thank yous'  to the Company for putting on such a presentation which was geared to giving them skills to help them not only in their work life but also their personal life.  The sessions were excellent, they were fast paced, you presented them with great enthusiasm and they were entertaining yet everyone took away some information and practical tips to help them handle pressure and their work/life balance.  I thank you once again for two excellent, informative presentations and would highly recommend you to any company thinking of using you in the future."
Victoria Attoe
Human Resource & Administration Manager


"BounceBack training was fantastic.  My team really enjoyed the session.  The team are on the phones all day and really have to juggle many tasks.  The training helped the team learn how to take every call as if it was their first of the day.  The training also gave the team confidence in themselves and their abilities.  The breathing techniques and exercises have been something I have seen the team using and they are finding the techniques very beneficial. The presentation was very useful and I feel it helped the team very much.  I found Michael to be very personable and very open to questions.  The morning was tailored very well to my teams' specific needs."
Kate Hutchinson, Customer Service Team Leader
SEEK Communications


"Thanks for the great session you ran for us on how to become more resilient to pressure & deadlines.  As part of our health and safety week program, your session helped raised people's awareness in this area and also provided some very handy tips on how to build resilience. The presentation was engaging and energetic and the feedback we had from participants was really positive. In a deadline driven environment like ours, your approach to handling pressure is positive, constructive and easy to follow. Thanks again for a great session."
Nicola Hansen
HR Consultant
Lonely Planet


"Thank you for a great presentation that you delivered to the retail sales team of Scotts Australia.Your high energy and interactive style engaged the team right from the beginning and kept them interested and involved all the way through. You really took the time to get to know each of the guys in the team and, hence, you were able to customize the program to suit their individual needs.  Everyone in conference took away new ideas and skills to enhance their resilience and working stamina that will, no doubt, help them reach their sales targets. Michael, I thought your program was 'spot on' for our team and look forward to working with you again in the future."
Stuart Smith, National Sales Manager
Scotts Australia


"It is a delight to work with you and I know that our events team finds it a most memorable and enjoyable experience when we host one of your seminars.Some of the feedback we get is…. "Excellent presenter.Inspirational.", "Could easily have spent all day learning from Michael."
Carolyn Journeaux, Events Manager
Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry


"Michael, I want to thank you for a great presentation on 'how to become resilient to pressure in work and life' at our Critical Point Network professional briefing seminar.  As we discussed, the Legal and accounting firms we network with are constantly working to time and performance deadlines.Your presentation helped to show us how we can turn stress into energy and enthusiasm to benefit not only our business, but also our quality of life.  Your use of humour, personal anecdotes and audience interaction both entertained the members and gave them practical strategies to enhance their personal performance when working under pressure.Thank you for taking the time to customize the program and getting to know our industry.Your presentation definitely contributed to the overall success of the conference.I look forward to working with you in the future."
G M Rambaldi, Partner
Pitcher Partners


"I am writing to formally thank you for a highly enjoyable and motivating healthy lifestyle presentation you delivered to our Coles Myer Ltd corporate staff members…..'Don't think yourself to Death' was extremely well attended with over 150 Coles Myer Ltd Head Office staff members in attendance for the 60 minute session.We were very pleased with the response to this session and we were happy to be able to include it on our annual Coles Myer Fitness Calendar of events."
Cathie Maclean & Alan Veitch, Management Team
Coles Myer Fitness Centre


"We found Michael an engaging and enthusiastic presenter. Michael ensured that he related to our Conference theme of "The One Constant is Change" and addressed many of the issues we face in life especially as IT professionals.  Michael was able to ensure everyone was involved and that we all were laughing and enjoying ourselves while receiving some valuable "do it yourself" techniques to help us manage change and stress.  I would recommend Michael as a presenter."
Duncan Kelly
Chairman, Fujitsu Local Authorities User Group

"…Michael arrived early for the afternoon event, and took time to mingle with the team at lunch, getting to know people and learn a little about them as individuals.He kicked off a very enthusiastic session, and kept the team moving and engaged with brainstorming sessions, question/answer sessions, and physical exercises that were very energising.Michael personalised the session to help the team understand what they can do as individuals to manage stress and generate positive outcomes for themselves personally and professionally.  The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly favourable - and employees said it was the single best team event they have had in the past several years.The impact on morale has been very noticeable, and the team is using the language, tools and attitude Michael shared with us.I highly recommend Michael for consideration to any work group - his approach is practical and engaging."
Debbie Furness, Manager, Human Services
Asia Pacific Division, Caterpillar of Australia


"Excellent Session.  Thank-you.  Also, it was great to have participation in the session as you are able to absorb more of what we learnt.  Great way of learning!"  
Rose Fava, 
MAS National


"Michael Licenblat was recommended to me by a colleague who had attended one of his seminars. When I made initial contact with Michael, I felt he was very approachable and enthusiastic. He listened to our requirements and sent through a detailed program proposal promptly. The program was tailor made for our diverse group which was a challenge within itself.  Michael sent out a pre seminar questionnaire to staff, so he could further tailor the seminar to our diverse group. This was an excellent way in which to introduce himself and the seminar to staff. It provided staff with an incentive to attend as they knew that the course would touch on their particular issues. Michael introduced himself and mingled with staff prior to the seminar and then during lunch. I felt this approach worked well as it gave staff a feeling that he was not just another presenter here to talk to them, but a friendly face.  The feedback from staff has been very positive. Such feedback included "the way he was able to include his audience in discussion and active participation made the session worthwhile" and "Michael was a very entertaining and energetic presenter". I highly recommend Michael Licenblat."
Andrea Coulter, Administrative Coordinator
Productivity Commission, Australian Government   


"The accounting profession generates high levels of stress and that means that our team is always under some performance pressure to keep producing quality of work and to service the needs of our clients.Your strategies have helped us to both embrace that pressure and to know how to use it to enhance our performance and productivity.  Your practical strategies on work-life balance and personal maintenance were also very well received.Thanks you for an entertaining and enjoyable presentation and for helping us to build a 'resilient workforce'."
Julianne Ross
CHN Herold Ross


"Your keynote address and workshop at the In-Service day for Family & Children's Services staff was great.You fitted in well to our theme of building resilience in families and children by explaining how to build resilience within ourselves so we can be more available and present with the children and families we work with.  Your interactive and light-hearted approach made the day memorable and left us all wit h great ideas on how to keep the passion for our work alive – without burning ourselves out.Thanks for a great presentation and program."
Janene Swalwell
Coordinator Specialist Support & Resources


"In my role as Administration Manager of one of the Higher Education Schools at the University I recently attended a 7 week seminar conducted by Michael Licenblat, of Positive Performance Solutions P/L. In an industry that is very demanding of its staff in all areas and expects quality, discipline innovation and customer service, maintaining energy levels and giving positive performance is paramount.  I found the seminar gave me simple methods to maintain my energy levels, increase my enthusiasm and be able to work in a more positive and productive manner. I was also able to transfer my skills to my staff and lift morale and performance in doing so. I recommend Michael and Positive Performance Solution P/L to any industry that is looking to lift morale and maintain positive and staff who love to come to work."
Vivianne Rorke, Administration Manager
School of Mathematical Sciences, Swinburne University of Technology


"Leadtec is an organisation that requires its staff to be focused, productive and ultimately happy. Last year we found there were times which were challenging for individual staff members.Leadtec recognised that staff needed to be rewarded in a way that improves them as an employee and as a person.  We approached Performance Solutions to conduct the 'How to become resilient to pressure at work' workshop. The workshop was carried by Michael in relaxed yet professional environment. Each of the participants took with them real knowledge and skills that they could use each and every day.  I recommend this workshop to any organisation that requires there employees to perform under pressure."
Darren Lutchner, Quality Systems Manager
Leadtec Systems


"Thank you so much for talking to our Investornet group last night. It was well presented, interesting and entertaining. The demonstration of the punching bag left a good mental picture of what happens if you just keep taking the punches compared to when you take action to avoid them.  I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves and took some different points of view away with them regarding the notion of "managing stress." The "SOLVE" circle was also a slightly different view on the usual theme, and one I am going to take on board, as I am sure many others will too."
Linda Hunt
President Investornet Inc. - Melbourne's longest running Investor Support Group.


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