Mallory Weggemann Testimonials



"'Never' is an absolute term that I use very carefully, but I will never forget Mallory Weggemann telling her inspiring story.  Nor will I forget her words of advice.  We all need to look beyond our obstacles, big and small, work hard to cope when life changes us, and understand and believe that we can change our own lives when needed.  In doing so, we can inspire others to do likewise.  She blew us all away." 

Toby Hanna

Northern Division Partner

Environmental Resource Management


"Mallory lifted the entire room; I was completely blown away.  We sometimes overuse words like “inspirational” or “awesome” or “courageous” and they lose their true meaning—not in this case; Mallory is all those and more.  She reminded us what a person can do in the face adversity, and showed us we have the capacity to overcome obstacles, large or small, if we choose to and if we work at it.  She’s inspired me to want to do better—that’s real leadership as far as I’m concerned."

Julie Ross

Environmental Resource Management

Managing Partner of MidAtlantic in the Northern Division


"Mallory was absolutely amazing - standing ovation, teary eyes, long line of well-wishers after her talk... Mallory gets our strongest endorsement as a keynote speaker."


South Dakota Council for Exceptional Children 2013 Conference