Kevin Hines Testimonials



"Kevin is a dynamic presenter who breathes hope from his life experiences. His breath captivates his audience within a transformation of “we the group” to a personal engagement journey of “me and the people I love.” Kevin’s personal messages are not art performances. Although, many who hear and know him are captivated by his enriched and artful personal attributes which contribute much in defining his charm and sincere personality traits. Kevin speaks from a truism reflection of his heart, a message of personal encouragement by which to address, and reach, and better understand the power of hope. His journey pathways and experiences of “hope” are many. Not succumbing to harsh reality experiences does not mean challenges are non-existent, as Kevin moves forward to his day. Kevin strives to maintain hope afresh for himself while encouraging others as he shares his life transformation journeys – the past, and the now – Kevin lives within and because of his journeys of hope and love for the beyond."

Sam Cochran

Founder / Crisis Intervention Teams, (CIT)



"Kevin Hines was one of the most authentic, effective and memorable speakers I have had the honor to present in the over 30 years I have worked in Student Activities. He had an overflow crowd of students totally engaged and truly listening to what he had to say. There is no question that he touched everyone in attendance that night and more importantly he allowed people to open up and tell their stories and be heard. I would not be surprised if Kevin’s presentation did not change many lives that night and perhaps save some as well."

Bruce Berkowitz

Associated Students program Coordinator / Sonoma State University

"Keynote speaker Kevin Hines moved the crowd to applause, and no small amount of tears, with the account of his attempted suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge – but also with his desire to find the resiliency to prove to himself and others it is possible to live a life of recovery from mental illness."

Jackie Chatmon

Project Director / Mississippi Transitional Outreach Program

Mississippi Department of Mental Health


"In an effort to raise awareness for suicide prevention our office hosted an event with Kevin Hines. The forum was open to the people struggling with mental health issues, family members, clinicians, other professionals, students, members of the faith based community and the community at large. The audience was really quite diverse. Kevin displayed an extraordinary capacity to connect with a wide audience. Each person, with their own story and reason for attending, was captivated by his journey towards mental wellness. Kevin openly presented his life with passion and honesty. His tale of recovery and his tireless work in the area of suicide prevention is awe inspiring. Kevin’s presentation exceeded our expectations promoting a message of suicide prevention and mental wellness that was filled with hope and positive energy."

Mark Giuliano

LMSW Program Director Community Support Mental Health Services


"On behalf of the AAS I wanted to extend my appreciation for you taking the time to present Cracked Not Broken at the 2014 Annual Conf. in Los Angeles. The Conf. Theme of Never Alone was truly embodied by the record attendance of over 1K-a first for the Org! I believe that your participation was a key component of this success. In planning the event I couldn't help think that your story, your passion were an invaluable piece of the stellar presentation lineup. The response and feedback from your presentation was resounding, powerful, and greatly appreciated. Thanks for helping making my vision a reality."

Bill Schmitz, Jr.Psy.D.

President / American Association of Suicidology



"It is so refreshing to hear a speaker talk about suicide (from one’s own perspective) and the feelings it creates in others who are left behind to deal with it. It is not the family members, friends or loved ones fault. It is not the person who carries out the actions fault. The fault lies with the illness and the inability to talk about the illness due to stigma. Those are the words I will always remember from Kevin. Thank you Kevin - for telling your story and giving hope that mental wellness can be a reality."

Rick Cornell

Vice President, Community Relations / The Mental Health of Greater Manchester