Kevin Briggs Testimonials



"Kevin Briggs was super friendly, kind, and easy going.  He had a powerful message which he shared to an almost full capacity crowd.  We were so pleased with the turnout. Kevin was very gracious with his time and spent a lot of time talking individually with people following his talk.   I would recommend him to any other college or university considering bringing him. "

Rachelle Harris

Director of the Center for Student Enrichment Northern Michigan University

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your role in making the Georgetown Institutes a success.  Far from disappointed, you were wonderful, and you and Kevin Hines provide such a powerful statement about hope in the face of mental health challenges.  The feedback we have gotten has been incredible.  You should feel very proud and gratified that your words touched so many people.  It was a pleasure working with you."

Beth Stroul, M.Ed. President

Management & Training Innovations Georgetown Institutes

"If anyone is ever in need for a keynote speaker for suicide prevention or for reducing the stigma associated with mental illness. I highly recommend Kevin Briggs, Kevin Hines, Mark Graham, and Carol Graham.  Both Kevin Briggs and Kevin Hines spoke at our SE Missouri Suicide Prevention conference in Cape Girardeau, MO. They are both amazing and brought such a powerful message and passion. I have heard the Grahams speak on several occasions as well and they are also both amazing presenters and full of compassion.  You couldn't go wrong in using any of these speakers."


Kevin is an inspiring speaker.  He has a gift for creating an intimate conversation in the middle of a crowd on the most difficult of subjects.  Honest and direct, Kevin touched the hearts of over 3,000 NAMIWalk participants."


Executive Pastor, Venture Church

Laurie Williams

San Francisco Bay (California) NAMIWalk Director

I wanted to extend a deep, personal thank you for joining us at the Active Minds Conference. Your work and efforts are inspiring and your presentation was deeply moving.  Our attendees loved meeting you and hearing your story.  Focusing on the power and importance of truly listening was a phenomenal way to end our wonderful conference weekend.  Thank you for reminding each and every one of us why we do this work and inspiring our ongoing efforts."

Sara R. Abelson

MPH Senior Director of Programs Active Minds Inc

Sgt. Briggs is one of the most inspirational and amazing persons I have ever met."

Andres Roemer, PhD

Consulate General of Mexico San Francisco, California