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Jim Madrid is a highly sought-after international keynote speaker who brings high energy and tremendous value to his audiences.  

He may have started out stocking shoes at Nordstrom at 15 in Seattle, but a belief in “Anything Is Possible” has led Jim to become one of the most highly respected educators in the world today. He was mentored by Jim Nordstrom, world class in corporate culture and mentored by the late Lou Tice, an expert in human behavior, Jim’s former teacher, coach and boss. 

His singular style of teaching – taking the complex concepts and current research results from the fields of cognitive psychology and positive psychology, and making them easy to understand and even easier to use – has brought him students from all over the globe.  Jim’s ability as a consummate teacher and mentor has led him to work with global leaders, like President Vincente Fox, former president of Mexico. He also brought his considerable talents to bear in an on-going relationship with the hospitality/timeshare industry. Jim’s and his team of coaches have worked with major brands in the timeshare, auto, real estate, retail industries.

Jim’s Invent Your Season process has assisted their clients in achieving Unprecedented, Record-breaking results. 

In the final analysis, Jim Madrid is a masterful business leader, author, teacher and educator, who is remarkably successful at empowering individuals and teams to achieve their full potential. 

Jim’s book, Get Over It and Get On With It, has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide. 

Jim’s Philosophy: 

Selfless Giving = deeper meaning.
Personally Relevant, Self-directed Learning = exponential growth.
Inspirational Leadership = positive change.


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Stacy Anderson

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