Jim Bouchard



From drug abuser and dropout to Black Belt and Sensei!

Using his powerful story of personal transformation through martial arts, Jim shares the strategies and tactics he used to transform himself from loser to leader. This highly interactive presentation engages the audience as Jim challenges them to think about powerful leadership strategies and how to apply them in their lives.

What you can expect:

  • ​Learn to develop leadership skills at ALL levels, independent of title or position

  • Explore the tangible return on character development and its effect on your organization's success

  • Actionable STRATEGIES and TACTICS you will implement in your business or company culture - TODAY




The mindset of a BLACK BELT for personal and professional excellence!

From the front lines to the C-Suite, the principles Jim shares in this highly interactive presentation will give your audience the tools they need to achieve BLACK BELT levels of performance.

What you can expect:

  • Learn how to THINK Like a BLACK BELT- how to cultivate and develop Discipline, Focus, Perseverance, Courage and Confidence.

  • Apply the characteristics of Black Belt Mindset in personal and professional life.

  • Understand Perfection as a process rather than an unachievable barrier to success.

  • Embrace change and transformation and the continual process of self-improvement.




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