JD Gershbein Testimonials



"Early into JD Gershbein’s talk on LinkedIn strategies, I knew that he was not the typical, commoditized speaker giving just another social media presentation. JD is unique and compelling, weaving in rich explanations, stories, and powerful visuals to get his point across. What impressed me most about his speech was his depth and breadth of content. He balances practical strategy and a sharp sense of humor, going well beyond the basics of LinkedIn and into the more fascinating aspects of psychology and the human mind to explain how it all works. JD held my interest from start to finish. I laughed and I learned..."

Vince Kamin

Marketing Director at Taste Media Group

"JD Gershbein sets the example of excellence on LinkedIn and lives it in the real world. Having interviewed JD for my publication, Inspire Magazine, I was able to experience the depth and sharpness of this thinking, and fortunate to share his wisdom with my audience (in Asia-Pacific and around the world). JD also educated me as I prepared for our interview so that I could ask the right questions."

Kent Ong

Swimming Coach | Marathoner | Sport Charity Fundraiser in Malaysia

JD Gershbein is an unquestioned thought leader on LinkedIn and how it can be used to generate business. As Director of Marketing for the Chicago Chapter of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), I am responsible for bringing in noteworthy speakers who can provide our members with new knowledge and insights to help them grow their businesses. I was introduced to JD through a mutual connection and brought him in to speak at our February 2014 chapter meeting. JD delivered a stellar, memorable presentation that provided attendees with numerous takeaways on the nature of personal branding, tips on building solid relationships, and powerful social selling strategies on LinkedIn. If you are looking for an engaging, interactive keynote speaker at your organization's next event, or a highly effective, interactive corporate trainer who can motivate your sales team on LinkedIn, I wholeheartedly recommend JD Gershbein."

"JD is a phenomenal speaker and trainer. He combines humor with knowledge in a way that causes the audience to emotionally connect to the message and be driven to take action. He breaks concepts down in a way that is easily understood and easy to implement. I have left both of his LinkedIn presentations prepared to utilize it as an effective tool in my business."


Shayna Rattler

Director of Corporate Development | Leadership Development and Corporate Culture Expert

Tiffany McConnell

Director of Marketing, Communications, Business Development at Service Insurance

My first encounter with JD was as an audience member. As he skillfully de-mystified the labyrinth of LinkedIn, I vowed to find the first opportunity to engage him as a speaker, which proved to be a great success! His ability to read and connect with an audience is outstanding - generating interest and involvement from the start. JD's expertise with LinkedIn provides both practical and strategic knowledge beneficial to new and veteran users alike. Whether the audience is a group of career professionals, recruiters, business owners, students or job seekers, JD clearly communicates the how, why, and what to do with LinkedIn. Your audience will enthusiastically thank you for time spent with JD."

Julie Bechtold

Director, Career Development at National Louis University

"JD Gershbein offers a unique and refreshing approach to harnessing the power of LinkedIn. One presentation from JD will forever change your perspective on social networking for business. His laid-back delivery style will put novice users at ease while helping seasoned pros develop a strategy for elevating their LinkedIn presence. I attended JD’s presentation at the Executives’ Club New Leaders Circle Summit in November, 2011, and walked out with a world of takeaways. In retrospect, I wish I could have pulled out my laptop to make adjustments to my LinkedIn profile right then and there. After the event, he spent some time hanging with a group of us, extending the conversation and freely sharing his knowledge. I wholeheartedly recommend JD as a LinkedIn speaker. He will enlighten and inspire you—and make you laugh, too!"

Jennifer Simon

Business Development Manager at SPR Consulting and Board Officer at Executives' Club of Chicago Leadership Circle