“Janine Latus is the most compelling speaker on sexual assault and relationship abuse I've ever heard."

Janine Latus believes that we need to talk. We need to tell our stories so that other people can tell theirs, because the idea that 'what happens in the home stays in the home' is getting us killed. It's allowing perpetrators to re-offend, rapists to rape, batterers to move to another victim. 

Janine, the author of the international bestseller If I Am Missing or Dead: a sister's story of love, murder and liberation, uses her own family's heart-breaking story to illustrate the insidious signs of sexual assault and partner abuse, to help audience members recognize them in their own lives and in those of the people around them, to intervene or ask for help, to break free or help others to do so, and then to build a life of respect and freedom from fear. 

Her talks are part story, part strategy, based on the Duluth Power & Control Wheel and full of practical action items. But because they are built on a story, they resonate long after everyone has left the session room.

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“Janine Latus is an inspirational speaker. She will touch your heart and mind. You can hear a pin drop when she speaks and the sound of a standing ovation when she’s done. Do not hesitate to invite this very dynamic keynote speaker! She will move the audience into action."

--Gael Strack, CEO National Family Justice Center Alliance

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