Ione Butler

“I wholeheartedly believe that we can change the world by uplifting people and inspiring them to help others. "                                            

— Ione Butler

Ione Butler is an experienced actress, host, voiceover-artist and inspiration and travel vlogger, as well as the founder of Uplifting Content. 

Ione has been speaking from the heart to large audiences of thousands. Her relatable, authentic and honest style resonates with people across all demographics. Ione speaks on topics such as, personal development, depression, transformation, entrepreneurship, philanthropy, spirituality, health and wellness, travel and love. 

In 2016 Ione released a video online about her experience with depression. She wasn’t sure if it was a good idea at the time, what she was sharing was very personal but she decided to post it anyway. The video went viral, garnering more that 200K views and she received thousands of
comments and messages from people who felt the same, thanking her for her honesty because it meant they were not alone. From that moment on, Ione made a vow to be more honest and open with what she was going through. From the outside it looks like she has it all, a career in acting, she is always traveling and going on adventures around the world and she runs a number of businesses but there are times when depression brings everything to a halt. In this talk Ione discusses her experiences and the ways she moves though the dark times. The World Health Organization has declared Suicide and Mental Health a public health priority issue which needs to be addressed in usustainable and effective ways. This talk is ideal for any corporation or institution that wants to offer practical advice on how to stay mentally fit and healthy at work,
university or school. 


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