Greg Reese

Greg Reese started his career in law enforcement at the early age of 19. Working in the jail full-time and volunteering as a reserve deputy on the streets, he quickly grew a passion for law enforcement. Two weeks after turning 21, Greg was hired as a full-time police officer, which was the beginning of a very fulfilling career.


During Greg’s tenure as a police officer, he had the opportunity to work patrol, field training officer teaching new policemen how to do the job, traffic accident reconstruction, bicycle patrol, special enforcement in a downtown district and on the beach, gang investigations, acting watch commander, and undercover narcotics.


Some of the most fun in his life was working undercover narcotics. Whether hanging from a helicopter on a 150’ cable and flying through the air at 70 knots, and then being placed in the middle of huge Marijuana gardens, or sitting across the table with major Mexican cartels negotiating the purchase of Methamphetamine. With the help of his fellow narcotics agents, Greg was fortunate to have put together the largest drug seizures the task force had ever seen.


The one regret Greg has is the lack of knowledge that he and all his fellow law enforcement partners had regarding human trafficking. Everybody understands sex trafficking occurs in third world countries, but nobody had any idea it was happening right here in our own backyard. It wasn’t until his medical retirement from being injured on-the-job, that Greg learned about human trafficking, and the fact that it is occurring with our own domestic minor victims, at almost every hotel in the area. The average age that our children are being lured into sex trafficking is 13.


Greg now owns a private investigation firm in Newport Beach, California called Clear Image Investigations, Inc. He also helped start a faith based ministry called Safe Passage, who’s mission is to identify, locate, and collaborate for the rescue of minor victim of human trafficking. He and his partner run undercover operations, making contact with victims of sex trafficking, and offering them a way to leave their trafficker and start a new life.  


Greg has taught formal classes and has spoken to police officers, probation officers, civic groups, and non-profits about club drugs and raves, drugs and narcotics in general, and human trafficking. Greg and his partner have presented their class on human trafficking across the country, equipping groups to run their own operations to rescue victims.


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