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Greg Holtmeyer 

I had the extreme privilege of hearing Greg speak at the “Show Me A Helping Hand” conference in Jefferson City, Mo. The passion in which Greg presented the information could only have been exhibited by someone fully invested in addressing the issue of male sexual assault. His presentation was very informative, but perhaps more important, it was inspiring! So much so, that I committed to begin the process of dealing with my own sexual assault which occurred fifty years prior. I highly recommend Greg Holtmeyer as a speaker to anyone giving him consideration. His expertise on the subject coupled with his own personal experience places him in a class all by himself.

- Gary M. Duke MA, LPC, NCC

Greg Holtmeyer is an advocate, survivor of boyhood sexual abuse, and has been an educator for the past twenty-six years. His passion is to create awareness concerning the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse of males in the fields of education, law enforcement, child abuse prevention, medical, counseling and society in general.

Greg offers hope, education, support, and inspiration for those who are on their healing journey from sexual and physical abuse. He has done presentations, trainings, speaking engagements and keynotes for conferences and community based and large state and national organizations related to male trauma, his own healing journey as a male survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and breaking myths and stereotypes about masculinity norms.


Greg empowers many male victims of sexual crimes in need of support and understanding. He has provided presentations for the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Missouri Prosecutors Association, Juvenile Justice Association, Missouri Police Chief's Association, CASA, universities and colleges, as well as a number of national organizations such as D.A.R.E, the American Counseling Association, and APSAC. He also presented in Auckland, New Zealand and is on a governor appointed task force for the Children's Justice Act.  As part of that task force, Greg was director of a large conference that brought in some of the best speakers and experts in the country.


In addition to the above, Greg has presented for numerous regional human trafficking conferences.

Endorsements from those who have attended his presentations include:  “Powerful speaker”, “Greg makes this difficult topic approachable”, “Provides hope for recovery to those who have suffered”, “I was very privileged to have the opportunity to hear your story”, “Very informative and passionate”, and “Very mature and articulate in his message”.

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