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Germayne B. Tizzano, Ph.D.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Germayne Tizzano, owner and founder of Views From a Tree House, Inc., has presented nationally and internationally on trauma, drug and alcohol addiction, sexuality and sexual health, body image, and mental health, in over 400 educational programs for health care professionals and university students. Her work spans a wide range of venues from women’s addiction and recovery centers to community correction facilities for women, to HIV outreach programs, to American Indian Affairs to World Association for Sexual Health, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Dr. Tizzano provides tools and insight for healing and rebuilding lives. She demonstrates her commitment to the sexual rights and well-being of women through her speaking engagements, workshops, curricula, and articles.

In her training programs, Dr. Tizzano balances her professional approach to dealing with difficult and sensitive topics with her personal, exciting, and effervescent style. She creatively designs programs to move participants from cognition, to self-awareness, to direct application in working with women who struggle with trauma and substance abuse.

 Dr. Tizzano is uniquely qualified to present trainings that speak to the heart of the participants’ passion for women who have survived treacherous life situations and  have become  disenfranchised. Having lived through and been in active sexual trauma recovery herself, Ms. Tizzano is sensitive to the challenges of women impacted by abuse. She values the gifts of sacred healing, renewal, and transformation offered by professionals who serve women.

Dr. Tizzano specializes in the areas of:


  • Sexual Health for Women with Trauma and Substance Abuse Histories

  • Trauma and Recovery

  • The Intersection of HIV and Intimate Partner Violence

  • Wellness/Health Promotion

  • Stress Management

  • Communication and Professional Development



Sexuality... A Common Trigger for Women’s Relapse: Supporting Women’s Healthy Sexual Choices

This presentation looks at the why’s and how’s behind the risky sexual behaviors of women impacted by trauma and substance abuse. It examines the case study of a woman who looks at her history of trauma and subsequent choices surrounding relationships and substance abuse, as she journeys to sexual health recovery.

Sexual Health Recovery for Women with Trauma Histories: A Psycho-Educational and Holistic Approach

This workshop takes a closer view of the role of the human service professional in supporting women’s ability to remain sober and live a sexually healthful and meaningful life. Participants will role play and learn ways to facilitate and support the client’s sexual recovery by suspending judgment and encouraging authenticity of sexual self.

Other Workshops by Dr. Tizzano:


  • Women, Spirituality, and the Art of Recovery

  • Helping Clients Reclaim Their Bodies and Themselves

  • Distinctive Approaches to Communications

  • We All Work and Play in the Same Sandbox:

  • Tools for Understanding and Managing Stress

  • The Wellness Workshop

  • (“Please Don’t Tell Me To Drink Carrot Juice…”):

  • A Health Awareness Program for True Skeptics


“Germayne Boswell Tizzano’s curriculum, Sanctuary for Change: A Sexual Health Program for Women in Recovery, addresses an important aspect of women’s recovery–sexuality. This topic is often ignored in traditional treatment, yet it is a common trigger for women’s relapse. This curriculum helps women to come together to share and talk about their feelings, experiences, and challenges regarding their sexual health. This is a contribution to the addiction field.”

-Stephanie S. Covington. Ph.D., LCSW

Author: A Woman’s Way through The Twelve Steps

"First and foremost, Germayne Tizzano is an educator who provides safety and openness of mind and heart that allow her audiences to participate in the life-changing exercises and activities that she has designed, and which she tirelessly promotes. Her support and compassion for victims of sexual trauma are evident in her words and deeds; she lives what she teaches."

– Muge Galin, Ph.D
Lecturer, The Ohio State University

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