“Gair is an inspiring figure. He makes you want to get up and achieve something. As good a speaker as I’ve ever heard." 

Gene Simmons - KISS

Gair Maxwell’s dynamic presentations do more than inform and inspire; they challenge and invigorate your audience with actionable ideas that can be implemented immediately.  With a strong history of delivering energizing, interactive programs to a wide range of organizations, Gair creates a robust, experiential environment with the use of video, music, stunning imagery, success stories and real-time exercises. 

Based on your desired outcomes and the unique characteristics of your audience, Gair customizes his programs in a way that sparks imaginations and leaves people revved up and ready to integrate new, fresh ideas, both personally and professionally.

Gair didn't follow a safe or conventional path to get where he is today.  Not since the day he was fired from a two-decade career with the news plastered on the front page of his hometown paper. Few back then, would have bet a plug nickel that he would rise from the ashes of the unemployment line and become an internationally-recognized author, speaker and entrepreneur. His story is one of going from flat broke to flat out successful; earning national awards and sharing conference stages with business superstars such as Richard Branson and Gene Simmons.

Gair has worked with some of the world's most dynamic companies, such as Mitsubishi and the Apple Specialist Marketing Group and named as the 2012 "Canadian Speaker of the Year" by TEC Canada, the country's largest CEO organization. Named part of the adjunct faculty at world famous Wizard Academy out of Austin, Texas, he is also affiliated with several marketing firms in different parts of North America, including Razor Creative, based in Moncton, NB as they work on helping companies sharpen their message and anchor their story.

Beginning in 2006 when Gair's counter-intuitive theories on "Branding With Distinction" TM were first applied, some independent business owners were astounded to see their enterprises grow more than 10-fold over a 5-year period. Some of those theories were sprinkled through his critically acclaimed book, Nuts, Bolts And A Few Loose Screws, which first appeared on book shelves in 2010. A former broadcaster, Cair racked up more than 10,000 interviews and 30,000 broadcasts in a two-decade radio and television career.

The son of a former pro golfer, Gair struggles to break 90, grooves on '80s classic rock and became a lifelong fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers back in the '70s.

A serial fitness buff, he also completed his first marathon in 2005 with less than a week of preparation.

Like we said, the path he follows veers sharply to the unconventional side.


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“It was great to have Gair present to our combined TEC groups. I have to say that he's had the most impact motivating my members to take action over any other speaker."

Mike Herro, Chair, TEC



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