Erin Runnion Testimonials



"I began covering the story as a reporter a decade ago. Over the course of ten years, Samantha's mother has spoken to me dozens of times, with honesty, conviction and a courage beyond words. I feel privileged to know Erin and her family. The work of her foundation, "The Joyful Child Foundation" has helped countless other children, through its efforts to educate and empower kids. Erin is a tireless advocate on behalf of strengthening the laws against child predators. Her ability to put into words, the "pandemic of child abuse" makes her a powerful voice in the battle against pedophiles."

"Erin shares her wisdom, and her experience with tragedy and with the justice system to keep other families from ever knowing what she knows.  Speaking with her truly changed me, and I think of her words and her positive, encouraging spirit constantly; I think of Samantha’s courage."

Pablo Pereira

The week before we spoke I had heard Erin on a news program.  There had been a horrific abduction and murder of a toddler in Missouri.  (My heart is pounding as I write this. Remember, I am a mother too.)  In the context of keeping children safe, I heard Erin say that parents should not push their child to be friendly with a person if the child is resistant.  Children have a good sense of people and should be taught to trust their instincts, she said.  That. That changed the way I parent my children, and not in a small way."