Dr. Steve Sultanoff

Steven M. Sultanoff, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, university professor (Pepperdine), and professional speaker.  He offers a wide range presentations and workshops on such varying topics as why we feel what we feel, tickling the funny bone (a journey through humor and wellness), reducing (as opposed to managing) stress, emotional intelligence, human and humor relations, the structure of thoughts and feelings, and motivation by passion versus fear and most things emotional (anxiety, guilt, anger forgiveness, etc.).


He is the past President of The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH), and an internationally recognized expert on therapeutic humor.  With over 25 years dedicated to therapeutic humor, he is the author of many innovative articles, including a soon to be published article which establishes the core human qualities essential for therapeutic humor to be present in healing relationships.  His chapter Integrating Humor into Psychotherapy is one of three chapters on therapeutic humor published in the psychology textbook Play Therapy with Adults. Dr. Sultanoff has appeared on STARZ, The Morning Show (FOX), Lifetime, and PBS and is frequently interviewed by the media and quoted in national publications such as Prevention, USA Today, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Redbook, Parents Magazine, Self, Mature Outlook, WebMD, etc. In April 2012 Dr. Sultanoff was awarded the “Doug Fletcher Lifetime Achievement Award” presented by the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor.


During the past 15 years he has offered over 300 continuing education programs for psychotherapists and countless presentations at conferences and to corporate America.  In addition to his live speaking engagements and training programs, Dr. Sultanoff offers online humor courses that are available in multi-media formats featuring audio, PowerPoint, and video. His web site (humormatters.com) has achieved  #1 Google rankings for a variety of humor searches and provides a wealth of information on therapeutic humor as well as a wide range of topical humor. 

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