Dr. Jeff Brodsky Testimonials



"Jeff is passionate about the work he pours into JOY...May God Bless him with all the resources and support he needs to share love and offer protection for children in need. Our world is brighter because of him. Thanks for all you do Jeff ;you make a difference in the lives of others."

Kay Reissig

Community Educator at Dimensions Home Health Care


"I have had the honor of knowing Dr. Jeff Brodsky for several years now and the unique pleasure of working alongside Dr. Jeff for two of those years with United First Financial. In life we meet certain individuals who display honor and integrity in all things they do; Dr. Jeff is one of those individuals. Dr. Jeff has the uncanny ability to be seamless in beliefs and convictions; there is no separation in his personal life, business life or spiritual life. I have always had and still have the highest level of respect and admiration for this gentleman’s ethics, moral and values."

Stuart "Mac" Saunders

International Sales and Training Director

Capital Resources at United First Financial