Dr. Jeff Brodsky

Dr. Jeff Brodsky is Founder and President of JOY International™, a non-profit organization devoted to the rescue and restoration of children who have been commercially sexually exploited. “Dr. Jeff” founded JOY International™ in 1981 and has assisted in the establishment of many self-sufficient orphanages and children’s homes in nations across Asia, Africa, Latin America, the South Pacific and Europe.


Dr. Jeff’s experience is wide and varied. It includes riding a bicycle solo from California to New York City in 1983 to raise funds and awareness of orphaned, abandoned and abused children, helping many couples raise funds for their own international adoptions, leading ten 101-mile walks across Death Valley, performing as his beloved character “Snuggles the Love Clown” around the world and participating in crusades. He has spoken in nearly 50 nations, including a visit to Mother Teresa’s home for the Destitute and Dying in Calcutta, India, and visiting wounded children in Beslan, Russia after the 2004 terrorist attack.


Dr. Jeff’s best-selling book "Stepping Into Adulthood" has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. A prolific and unique writer and speaker, Dr. Jeff received his Doctor of Divinity (DD) degree from Promise Christian University in Pasadena, Calif. He is also an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Air Force.


About 8 years ago, Dr. Jeff’s eyes were opened to a burgeoning evil against children and teens. An evil that is an abusive exploitation of the world’s most innocent and vulnerable. This atrocity has radically refocused his heart and the vision of JOY. It is an atrocity that has quickly become a multi-billion dollar industry: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSE) or Child Sex Slaves. This has become the fastest growing crime in the world today – including North America. They currently have highly trained rescue teams in 10 states across America along with the current rescue teams throughout the world!

JOY International has established key strategic relationships with local law enforcement and NGO’s in India, Nepal, The Philippines, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia, Russia, Greece and Israel. They have highly trained teams that go deep undercover to gather information needed for raids into brothels where children are being held as sex slaves. Dr. Jeff has personally gone undercover on covert operations to rescue these children.


Based on Dr. Jeff’s research on the growing problem of CSE in North America along with the need for quality facilities for rescued minor children, JOY is currently in the process of acquiring land in the mountains of Colorado to establish a Safe Haven to house several hundred rescued minor children.


Dr. Jeff says: “In all my years of travel throughout the world and seeing the desperate needs of children; the trafficking and sexual exploitation of a child is without question THE worst, most evil, heinous atrocity being perpetrated against children in our society today. There are thousands of children’s organizations doing great work in meeting the needs of children in all areas, but I found just a handful devoted to the actual rescue of children who are forced into the child sex trade. Many talk about rescue – very few actually do it.”


Dr. Jeff shares a powerful message to Law Enforcement professionals and Educators on the Jr. & Sr. High School and College/University level. He also speaks to children, teens and young adults on the current methods of predators who are searching for girls to force into the sex trade (the average age of 12-17) and up to college age. In his presentation he gives examples of what children, young girls or young women need to look for to protect themselves from predators who pose as “boyfriends” or so-called “Loverboys.” This presentation literally has the potential to save lives.


On July 19th, 2010, Dr. Jeff began living totally barefoot to show solidarity and bring awareness to the plight of children being held as sex slaves around the world. He has now been barefoot for over 3 and a half years!


Living in the foothills above Denver, Colorado, he and his wife Gail (married for 39 years) enjoy fellowshipping with friends, spreading the story of JOY and embracing their seven magnificent grandchildren. 


Dr. Jeff has spoken throughout the world at many Churches, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Conferences, Conventions, Seminars and Symposiums. He has also spoken to many Men’s and Women’s Groups as well as Civic and Social Clubs including VFW, American Legion, Kiwanis, Rotary and Optimist Clubs.


To date, JOY International has assisted in the rescue of over 500 children from brothels and child brokers around the world.


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