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Dina McMillan, Ph.D, is an Internationally published author and creator of a groundbreaking new program for domestic violence prevention called, Unmasking the Abuser. 

Dina has more than 15 years of experience in program development, training and facilitation, policy evaluation and support and the development of reference materials.  She has a considerable background in all types of media: television, radio, print and social media and is experienced in public speaking on a wide range of issues.  Dina was a featured speaker for TEDx and on television and radio shows, both as a host and as a guest. 

Dina McMillan's experience includes creating customized course materials and provided training for ADFA Instructors, as well as creating course materials and providing new training resources for SeMPRO (Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response). Both frameworks highlighted specific tactics of manipulation used by abusers in romantic and non-romantic contexts, and deconstructed abusers’ distinctive psychology.   Dina offered tips for identifying abusive manipulation, predatory behavior and prejudice in students and among colleagues. 

Additionally, Dina facilitated three levels of courses on domestic violence and prevention for the City of Frankston employees including the Mayor of Frankston, various Frankston Council Executives, childcare workers, maternal and child health nurses, youth workers and emergency services workers, among others.  The modules included general training, advanced training and train-the-trainer and the courses included the tactics of psychological manipulation, the psychology of abusers, the impact of abuse on victims, and methods for detecting the abusive dynamic.  She was part of a team that analyzed the effectiveness of existing domestic violence programs available in New South Wales and provided suggested policy changes to the New South Wales State Government.  Dina worked with the team to disseminate new policies and procedures to various community service and governmental agencies within the State and helped increase community involvement in domestic violence education by 65%.


Dina is a leader in her field with an extensive background speaking, training and educating a wide array of audiences on the topic of domestic violence and sexual assault.  She is an internationally known social psychologist and relationship expert originally from California. After receiving a B.A. from Hunter College in New York, she earned both her Master's and Doctorate degrees from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. After graduation she was invited to host a talk-back radio program in Los Angeles, where she also began a private consulting practice. She moved to Australia in 2004.

Dr. Dina has become known for her exciting, unique approach to better relationships. She was cast as an expert host on the TV show "The Nest" on SBS in Australia, and has been a frequent guest on a number of Australian television shows. She's also a regular feature writer for a number of popular magazines and newspapers published in Australia, the United States and the UK. 

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Healing the Rift: Reducing Racial Bias in Law Enforcement and Improving Community Relations


Dr. Dina McMillan has a unique domestic violence prevention program called ‘Unmasking the Abuser’. It has customized modules for professional training as well as keynotes, lectures and seminars for the public (age 13 and above). This is the first (only) program to identify the specific manipulation tactics used by Abusers to lure in and trap targeted Victims. Most seminars and workshops include workbooks containing the materials covered. It also includes (according to relevance):

•    The distinctive psychology of Abusers

•    Simple ways to identify abusive manipulation from the outside (used on someone else)

•    Building resistance to Abusers’ ploys 

•    The role of Culture in domestic violence risk and response

•    How the human brain processes information and experiences, and its role in:

     o    Vulnerability to the influence maneuvers used by Abusers
     o    Continued attachment by Victims to their abusers
     o    Why traditional programs have not reduced the risk for women

•    How domestic violence is linked with predatory behavior, extreme prejudice/racism

•    Risk of homicide associated with particular abusive behaviors

•    How Abusers behave when facing punishment/abandonment

•    Why and how most domestic violence relationships can be avoided/prevented

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