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Dina McMillan is a social psychologist originally from California where she earned both an M.A. degree and Ph.D. from Stanford University. She specializes in interpersonal relationships, social stratification (bias and racism), improved cognitive understanding, and changing cultural norms. Her work also includes issues such as domestic and family violence prevention and response, sexual assault risks and recovery, and addressing problematic sexual behaviour in children and youth (PSB-CY). Her interpersonal focus includes varied topics such as assessing and addressing relationship imbalance, building solid protection from toxic relationships, and the effects of working from home and via videoconference.


Dr. McMillan developed a ground-breaking program to educate the public on the earliest signs of domestic abuse. The program is called, Unmasking the Abuser. It includes a book entitled, But He Says He Loves Me: How to Avoid Being Trapped in a Manipulative Relationship, (2007: Allen & Unwin Publishers). The book offers practical, specific insights to identify abusive relationships from the earliest phases. The book is currently printed in 4 languages and sold in 15 countries. A brief overview of this domestic abuse prevention program can be found in Dina McMillan’s TEDx talk, available online. If you are seeking more comprehensive information, the Unmasking the Abuser program has been detailed in a podcast series in 2020, also entitled, Unmasking the Abuser. It is available on all podcast platforms. 


Also developed in 2020, Dina McMillan created an international anti-bias program called, Healing the Rift. This program was developed as necessary tool to educate on both the causes and effects of persistent racial and other types of bias. It offers realistic steps to address these problems that are both inclusive and unifying. It can be customized to address the specific issues of all ages, cultures and demographics.

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Healing the Rift: Reducing Racial Bias in Law Enforcement and Improving Community Relations


Dr. Dina McMillan has a unique domestic violence prevention program called ‘Unmasking the Abuser’. It has customized modules for professional training as well as keynotes, lectures and seminars for the public (age 13 and above). This is the first (only) program to identify the specific manipulation tactics used by Abusers to lure in and trap targeted Victims. Most seminars and workshops include workbooks containing the materials covered. It also includes (according to relevance):

•    The distinctive psychology of Abusers

•    Simple ways to identify abusive manipulation from the outside (used on someone else)

•    Building resistance to Abusers’ ploys 

•    The role of Culture in domestic violence risk and response

•    How the human brain processes information and experiences, and its role in:

     o    Vulnerability to the influence maneuvers used by Abusers
     o    Continued attachment by Victims to their abusers
     o    Why traditional programs have not reduced the risk for women

•    How domestic violence is linked with predatory behavior, extreme prejudice/racism

•    Risk of homicide associated with particular abusive behaviors

•    How Abusers behave when facing punishment/abandonment

•    Why and how most domestic violence relationships can be avoided/prevented

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