Donna Schuller Testimonials



"Donna Schuller is a woman of high intelligence and values. She is an asset to any individual seeking her consultation or advice. She is well networked throughout the world and is a global partner to many organizations. I have personally experienced her involvement with the less fortunate in South Africa when she was part of a team that provided wheel chairs to all ages of individuals unable to walk. Donna is an outstanding public speaker, engaging and warm."

"I have known Donna, personally, for over 20 years. She is a kind and honest person and is an extremely knowledgeable nutritionist. She, also, "practices what she preaches", taking extremely good care of herself. I would recommend Donna to anyone, as a friend, nutritionist, coach, pastor or any other relationship."

Founder and Executive Director

Children's AIDS Art Programme

William Bennett

Executive Pastor, Board member, Pastor of Evening Service at Shepherd's Grove Church

"Donna is a caring, insightful and strong leader. She has unique life experience that has accelerated the wisdom that she brings to people and to situations."


In the world today, one will often find people who create success for themselves. Every once in a while, you will find that special person who creates success for others. Donna Schuler is such a person. Her capacity and vision to transend the average is remarkabke. I am honored to recommend Donna as the comsumate professional who is skilled expert in the health and wellness field."


Rick Linamen

Executive Pastor, Venture Church

John E. Lang

President/CEO, RadicalWealth Institute