Domestic Violence the Musical?

Why doesn’t she just leave? This interactive performance answers that question along with myth busting information set to toe tapping music.


In “Domestic Violence the Musical?” there is no gender, race, religion,or ethnicity that the audience can put onto the abuser. It’s a performance that will leave them with an important understanding that domestic violence can happen to anyone and how it can be effectively handled by loved ones and the community at large.


The show opens on a dark stage.

You hear a man and woman arguing.

He’s bullying her.

She begs him to stop.

Her begging angers him even more.

You hear her being pushed…then hit…SHE SCREAMS!!!

Stage lights come up.

She’s on the floor.

He’s standing over her.

He’s going to hit her again!

Then another actor steps between them, and announces, “We interrupt this beating to tell you how it could have been prevented!”


AFTER THAT, GET READY…because for the next 55 minutes you are going to take an emotional and musical roller coaster ride, in which a Male and Female Abuser, a Victim, and the rest of the cast of “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE THE MUSICAL?” tell you HOW Abusers do what they do, and WHY Victims, “Just don’t leave.”


The music and dance styles run the gamut: Gospel, Country, Blues, Tango, Waltz, 50’s Do- Wop, Calypso, and a spoof on the Hallelujah Chorus titled, “DOCUMENTATION” “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE THE MUSICAL?” is laced with dark humor, and is as off-the-wall as its title.


The audience and the theatre are the set. The face-to-face interaction between the audience and the cast is constant, and the audience has a voice on the outcome. PLUS…they will find themselves laughing; crying and clapping at things they are not sure they should be laughing at, clapping for, or crying over.


“DOMESTIC VIOLENCE THE MUSICAL?” After you have seen it, you won’t be able to describe it, BUT…you won’t stop talking about it.


For booking information contact:


Stacy Anderson

(949) 544-1410