Denise Ballester Testimonials



"I was the head of a trading desk at a Wall Street brokerage firm, and Denise Ballester was referred to me.  Her advice was instrumental on how to effectively manage the vast array of personalities and daily confrontations. It was through her coaching on behavior and attitude that helped make a difficult environment more adaptable.  I was impressed with the follow-up work for the discipline and consistency that it created.”

"I would highly recommend Ms. Ballester. I enjoy her honesty and directness. She has an exceptional ability to listen, and has offered me the kind of support I needed in order to make good choices. She has a great sense of humor and an open heart. I am very grateful for my connection with her.”

William Welsh

Susie Lowinger


“I met Denise Ballester several years ago when I was in a transition phase.  I was having a difficult time moving forward and wasn’t quite sure which direction to take. Denise helped me open my mindset personally and professionally to see that there were many possibilities.  I realized I had put myself in a box and wanted desperately to get out and didn’t know how.  We worked together and the success has been amazing! I would strongly recommend Denise if you’re looking to make a positive difference in your life.”


Diane Greenstein