Deb Cottle Testimonials



“As a financial advisor in the middle of a deep recession, I was challenged with negativity on all sides. Then I saw Deb Cottle speak. With her words of inspiration I was able to resist the flow pushing against me. My business increased over 200% within a matter of months. I was now seeing the harvest of my faith.”

Ronnie Stoots

Edward Jones Investments

“When your presentation started I was involved in a side conversation with a key community member, but my ear kept grasping the words you were saying. I felt myself drawn to where you were speaking. I ended the conversation and was truly compelled to come closer and then sit and really listen. The women on either side of me were taking notes! I listened even more intently and everything you said was just as if you were speaking directly to me. I really feel as if I was meant to connect with what you were saying. I believe you connected with many more women than you realize as a result of last night… great job and I am so glad you are living your dream and sharing it with us!”

Shandra Riffey

Executive Director, Micah’s Place Domestic Violence Center

“You were outstanding as a professional speaker and really engaged the audience with your use of humor. Your personal testimony regarding Rubyanna and how to find things in the places you wouldn’t expect, gave people hope to find their own buried treasure.”


Judie Mackie

Event Coordinator

“Deb Cottle is a truly amazing woman. Gifted in the articulation of her very inspirational message, Deb makes the theory of creating good in our lives through positive thinking simple to understand. Thank you, Deb!”


Leslie Ritter

Seminar Attendee

“I was just about to email you when I received your follow-up from your recent ‘Inspirational Evening’ seminar. The next day I was the happiest I have been in many months and I hope I can continue focusing on what took place and the words that were said that evening. I only took a page of notes, but they are your key points for the evening. Thanks for having the inspiration and courage to get out and make this happen. I look forward to hearing you again in the future.”


Paul A. Barnes

Coldwell Banker