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Deb Cottle

“Deb Cottle was outstanding as a professional speaker and really engaged the audience with her use of humor."

Judie Mackie, Event Coordinator

Deb Cottle (producer/speaker) incorporates video clips in her dynamic keynotes and workshops. In her "Women With GUTS" program, Deb pulls clips from her documentary of the same name, which features Denise Brown among others. Deb's interactive, heartwarming presentations highlight women who have had the GUTS to make a difference as they serve as role models for others. Deb demonstrates the tools and techniques of her proven 4STEP GUTS FORMULA to inspire audiences to take positive action steps in improving their lives. Having overcome years of bullying, and sexual discrimination in the workplace, Deb rose to the top of her profession in the male-dominated television production industry.


Professional speaker, author, and producer, Deb Cottle is focused on improving lives through inspirational keynote speeches, seminars, coaching and products.  Deb’s proven and easy-to-follow 4Step GUTS FORMULA helps others to change their negative thinking, improve daily self-talk, acquire specific skills and knowledge, and accomplish goals more rapidly and strategically. Thousands of attendees have benefited from her interactive and inspiring programs.


In Chicago, Deb was one of the highest ranking female executives in the television production industry working with clients such as: Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, Humana, Ford, Oprah, A&E, Entertainment Tonight, and others. After managing sales people and creative teams for over twenty years, Deb is a master at relationship building, motivation, and public relations.

Deb is also the producer of Music & Motivation CD and co-author of two books: Success Simplified and Roadmap to Success.

In 1997, Deb and her family transitioned to Amelia Island, Florida, seeking a richer and more balanced lifestyle. She created World On A String Productions, Inc., a company focused on the creation of motivational & interactive workshops, events, and products.  Reaching out via the internet, Deb conducts on-line webinars, group and individual coaching to clients worldwide.


“It is up to us, as individuals, to create innovative ways to live more enriching lives. Having found my own direction, I am passionate about helping others find the GUTS to unlock the inner self to reach their fullest potential."-- Deb Cottle


“Deb Cottle is a truly amazing woman. Gifted in the articulation of her very inspirational message, Deb makes the theory of creating good in our lives through positive thinking simple to understand."

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