Clark Fredericks

I can't even put into words how grateful I am for you. 

From a professional standpoint... you're a natural born speaker. You never say "um" and you pause at the perfect moments to add the right effect. You add inflection and passion at all the right places. 

From a personal standpoint your vulnerability is on another level. I'm so lucky to have met you and I cannot wait to impact the world with you. 

                                                                                            -Lt. Heather Glogolich

The Clark Fredericks story is hard hitting and unique on many levels. When he speaks to his audience, Clark’s transparency creates a connection that is indisputable. His journey has spanned several decades and has provided him with valuable insights and life lessons that he shares with his audience. All who hear him speak leave educated, inspired and transformed. 


Healing begins with acceptance and breaking the silence of pain and shame. The factual circumstances of Clark’s message relate to topics such as, abuse at the hands of a predator, substance abuse and the pitfalls of gambling. Yet, what rings clear for all in attendance is that never-ending quest for Hope which saved him. It’s the skill set he has developed while in recovery which motivates others to embrace change as well as a clean and sober existence. 


From a small town in Northern New Jersey, Clark shares his story of abuse forced upon him by a master manipulator, his former Boy Scout leader and Lt. of the local Sheriff’s Department, Dennis Pegg. Manipulated and taken advantage of both physically and emotionally for years, Clark suffered unimaginable pain for over thirty years of his life. Never wanting to feel trapped again, Clark sabotaged countless careers and what could have been healthy loving relationships. He used drugs, gambling and alcohol as substitutes for healthy coping mechanisms.  


One day in the Spring of 2012, Clark ran into Pegg accompanied by a young boy at his side. This chance encounter re-opened all of Clark’s repressed pain. Triggered by this encounter, Clark went to confront Pegg one night. The confrontation led to a struggle and the struggle resulted in Pegg’s death. 


Clark was charged with Murder and awaited trial at the Sussex County Jail where he faced a possible life sentence. Contemplating suicide as a way out, he looked to a power greater than himself for an answer. That answer came, providing a path which would change his life forever.  

Clark has spent his post prison years on a mission to help others in hopes that abuse survivors and those dealing with addiction can avoid similar peril and pain. He has been instrumental as an advocate in changing the Statute of Limitations law in New Jersey for victims of sexual abuse. After having been stalled for many years in the New Jersey State Legislature, a new bill was passed enabling the survivors to pursue civil recourse.  


Clark Fredericks conveys hope and healing to a multi-faceted audience. Not only has Clark shared his story to the masses at numerous speaking engagements, many have discovered a road to move forward with inspiration and positivity knowing they are not alone with the secrets of shame and horror from abuse.  


Clark visits colleges, high schools, faith-based organizations, substance abuse centers, law-enforcement conferences, prisons and was even invited to speak at the jail which kept him while pending trial.  

An NBC produced documentary detailing Clark’s case has aired on the Oxygen Network. Clark has also appeared on the Tamron Hall Daytime Talk Show and he is currently writing a book.

The reaction today from many was, "This was one of the best speakers we've ever had". 

I couldn't agree with them more! 

And on a personal level, it was really great meeting you. I really enjoyed getting to know you in person. You are truly on a mission and it shows from the minute I met you.

                                                                                            -Richard Kirsch, teacher at Kushner Yeshiva H.S

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