Chuck Whitlock

Chuck knows scams and white-collar crime inside and out. He exposes them. He educates about them. He even pretends to commit them—on camera—demonstrating to audiences just how the real crooks operate. Chuck does this all to raise awareness, to empower viewers, and to light a fire under audiences to join his fight against fraud. Considered a leading authority on white-collar crime, Chuck shares his knowledge in books as a best-selling author, and through his work as an investigative correspondent and producer.


Chuck’s message about white-collar crime and how to prevent it has reached consumers over 1-billion times. Chuck is one of the only producers and correspondents in history whose investigative television shows and segments have resulted in real white-collar criminals being prosecuted and taken off the street.


As a result of viewing Chuck’s investigative segments on national television, law enforcement agencies across the country have reported that thousands of their citizens were spared the agony of being scammed. In one instance, Chuck busted a boiler-room in Canada that was scamming 4,000 Americans per month on an in-advance loan scheme. This example represents one of numerous examples where Chuck’s fight against fraud has spared people from getting scammed.


Federal, state and local law enforcement have sought out Chuck to provide annual training seminars and workshops that incorporate his extensive library of nationally televised investigative segments. These law enforcement agencies include the F.B.I., Secret Service, U.S. Postal Inspectors, A.T.F., D.E.A., Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, and many others.


Investigative Segments & Television Appearances: 

  • EXTRA, NBC, Warner Bros––109 segments seen by over 350 Million viewers (over several years as their investigative reporter)

  • Hard Copy, Paramount Studios––Head of Television Investigative Unit Experian’s “I.D. Theft Assist” Campaign––60 Million viewers & followers on Experian’s website Sally, Jessy, Raphael Show––60 Million viewers (over 25 appearances)

  • The Oprah Winfrey Show: “Scam School” ––21 Million viewers (over 5 appearances & re-runs) Discovery Channel: “Chuck Whitlock Compilation” ––21 Million viewers (aired worldwide)

  • Channel 3 London––17 Million viewers (segments repurposed)

  • Travel Channel: “Travel Scams” ––12 Million viewers (1-hour specials) The View w/ Barbara Walters: “Holiday Scams” ––6 Million viewers (multiple appearances)

  • EXTRA Undercover Investigation: “Elderly Abuse?” ––6 Million viewers (1-hour special, access time slot, hosted by Chuck Whitlock)

  • The Today Show––5.5 Million viewers 60 Minutes: “60 Billion Dollar Fraud” ––4 Million viewers LIVE w/ Regis and Kathie Lee––3.6 Million viewers (several appearances)


White-Collar Crime Prevention: 

  • President Bill Clinton, Andy Griffith & Chuck Whitlock Anti-Fraud Campaign––reached 200 Million households

  • Better Business Bureau Scam Jams––9 Million viewers and attendees (collective)

  • Better Business Bureau Scam Jams (Radio)––20 Million listeners (collective)

  • Online Training Program for Law Enforcement––600,000 officers/agents trained in Senior Fraud



  • Won National Attorneys General Award––Crime Fighting

  • Won Society of Professional Journalists’ Award––TV Investigative Reporting

  • Won National Headliner Award––Outstanding Investigative Reporting

  • Won National Assn. of Consumer Agency Administrators Award––TV Investigative Reporting

  • Won Washington State Crime Prevention Association Award––Crime Prevention Program of the Year

Books Authored:

  • Police Heroes––New York Times Best-seller

  • Scam School––Best-seller

  • Easy Money––Introduced on The Oprah Winfrey Show & served as basis for feature film

  • Age Without Rage––Over 250,000 copies given away to attendees of BBB Scam Jams

  • Medi-Scams––54,709 police departments use this book (Best-seller)


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"WOW! YOU REALLY RANG THE BELL last week at our Senior Celebration & Consumer Expo! Your presentation was to the point, informative, entertaining, and extremely well received by the hundreds of participants. People continue to communicate with me how much they enjoyed your program and recognized your expertise and professionalism. And, I must admit, you sure made me look good!!

PERSONALLY, I WANT TO THANK YOU for your commitment and dedication to educating and helping people be better consumers of goods and services, and to train people in the importance of protecting themselves from fraud. Your insights are extremely valuable! I truly appreciate your willingness to do whatever was necessary to make our event a grand success. And, it was!!

PLEASE KEEP ON PROCLAIMING your message! Keep up the great work, and best wishes to your continued success in making a difference in the lives of people."

Michael Clayton

President & CEOBBB of Southeast Texas

"Your participation in the Area Agency on Aging District 7 Annual Elder Abuse Conference is greatly appreciated. According to the participant evaluations, you were ‘informative, interesting, entertaining, and energetic!’ Many of the participants expressed the desire to hear you again and wished you had been given the opportunity to speak longer.

We greatly appreciate your dedication to uncovering scams and educating the public about the countless victims who have lost their life savings, self-worth, and other personal property to scam artists."

Kaye Elswick, RN

Ombudsman Program Dir.

Area Agency on Aging District 7, OH

"Thank you so much for the wonderful keynote speech you gave recently at our first Senior Forum on Financial Exploitation. Your presentation was exceptional. Attendees of the conference were talking about it all day long. We are very grateful that you took the time out of your busy schedule to come and help seniors and caregivers in our community learn about staying one step ahead of con artists and the vast array of scams and frauds.

Your captivating speaking style and your ability to customize your speech to the audience was truly remarkable. The seniors, caregivers, and professionals were extremely impressed with the depth of your knowledge and the passion of your commitment to preventing financial crimes against seniors.

You certainly helped make this forum a huge success. Your reputation as one of the nation’s leading scam-busters was evident and the passion you exhibited was incredible. Your determined efforts and your crime fighting resources have truly made a difference."

Betty F. Malks

DirectorCounty of Santa Clara, CA

Dept. of Aging and Adult Services

"This was your fifth time to speak at our Better Business Bureau’s Scam Jam. Every year, you’ve outdone your previous appearances with fresh, new material. Every year, our audience has reacted with the highest response ratings and comments of ‘Can’t wait until next year to hear Chuck Whitlock again.’ Every year, you remain one of the highlights of the event. Face it, Chuck: You wowed ’em again.

Your life-changing program has made an impact on our community. We will never be the same again. Your speeches are creative, imaginative and entertaining with valuable insight that can be used long after the event is over. Your shocking, spellbinding stories have empowered our people in their ongoing fight against scams and fraud. We’re now better prepared because of you."

Gerry Wilson

President & CEOBBB of San Diego, CA

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Stacy Anderson

(949) 544-1410